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Of the many things that have been emphasized In Mwaluphamba Location, one is cleanliness. This had been forgotten, but Tuff Gong got going and started taking care of business. Welcome, and let’s go join them! In the past, this place was dirty But the youth noticed and they did something about it. They didn’t like the sight of their town being dirty. “Let’s go” They started cleaning, taking care of weeds, and collecting all the litter. They got rid of all the trash. They come around now every morning to sweep, collect trash and dispose of it. One of our goals was To educate the community on sanitation and hygiene. We also wanted to mobilize youth, Especially those who had completed school but were unemployed. We are proud of this. Those of us living in this community And the surrounding communities are very proud of our clean town. We are also proud that now we’ve attracted business. There are many different businesses thriving here now. For example, every Saturday is our market day. In the past we had to go very far, to Kinango, to buy and sell. But now we do it right here. Even disease has been reduced, Especially malaria that was affecting children. So yes, we are very proud. There have been many changes, especially in the area of child illnesses. In the past many children suffered from diarrhea They were coughing, catching malaria… But now we are grateful that the children no longer suffer from diarrhea. This young man, our child, started volunteering To make our environment clean. He would sweep and clean without any pay, Just to make sure our community was healthy. I will continue to mobilize youth. Thank you and safe journey.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 45 seconds
Country: Kenya
Language: Swahili
Producer: Plan YETAM Kenya
Director: Mwaluphamba Secondary School Students
Views: 112
Posted by: lraftree on Jul 29, 2009

Madzo, a youth from the community, started a small business to clean up the town: Tuff Gong Town Cleaners. Now the community is clean and a market has even started. Tuff Gong Town Cleaners earn a small living on top of benefiting the community.

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