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Lexus LC 500h Multi Stage Hybrid System

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We're here for the multistage hybrid system which is launched on the Lexus LC 500h It's the newest evolution of are hybrid system and it multiplies the possibilities that we had in the past. The different thing about multistage is that we add another gearbox, so we already have a CVT system but we add another four speed gear ratio behind that. With the new LC 500 we wanted something that feels much more sportive, much more manual, and by

introducing the automatic transmission, the four speed transmission to our already existing hybrid system we can accommodate that need completely so now the system can shift in ten different gears and it will give you that physical feeling that link between engine speed and vehicle speed so you have a sports feeling a dynamic experience. The CVT will actually simulate three different gear steps, the three mechanical gear steps in the transmission multiply that 3 to 9 and you have a final gear step which is a tenth and that's an overdrive. The beautiful part of this system is that, there is no limit to the amount of gears that we can choose and our power control unit is so advanced that it can do any type of gear change in less than one hundred milliseconds and without shift shock, without delay so very very fast gear change very similar to any other sports car you will run through first, second and third it's not like you'll be shifting continuously the higher you go up in speed, the longer your gear will actually remain. That in a nutshell is what the multistage hybrid does and I'm quite sure that once we see this LC 500 on the road I'm looking forward to that, it'll be a revolution in the way hybrids are perceived and in the way we experience a hybrid drive

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Posted by: mannie.mistry on Mar 16, 2016

Lexus LC 500h Multi Stage Hybrid System

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