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Meet - Orson Welles

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Kane: "There's only one person in the world to decide what I'm gonna do and that's me." No guts, no glory. If you want to be remembered, you have to take risks. The stakes are high, but the rewards- even higher. Meet- Orson Welles. With the federal theater project, Orson staged an all black production of "Macbeth" during a time of institutionalized racism- on government money. On the radio, he created widespread panic by faking an alien army attack in his broadcast of "War of the Worlds." Welles brought out the already looming fear inside of America. A fear built up from the anxiety and tension from the impending second World War. And then there's "Citizen Kane," Often considered the greatest American film, changing nearly every convention in filmmaking from story to cinematography. And his works weren't immediately met with the success we dwell on today. Risk is usually met with concern and a bit of criticism, both of which Welles was familiar with. "Voodoo Macbeth" drew picketers and even a physical attack on Orson. He had to publicly apologize for the hysteria created after the panic broadcast. And being a maverick in movies isn't cheap either. Orson often exceeded the budgets of his films making it more and more difficult to receive financing, and at times, became the center of heated criticism. William Randolph Hearst offered RKO the entire cost of "Citizen Kane" to have all the prints destroyed. Sure, the rejection he faced later in his life was kind of sad. But look what it got him: a place in the pantheon of cinematic gods. Given the constant creative rejection he faced in his career, it's interesting to speculate if he would have done anything differently if given a life do over. Probably not. The lasting legacy of Welles and why young makers need to learn about him as an example of creative courage may best be summed up in his famous quote: "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn."

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Meet - Orson Welles

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