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Candidate Free Air Time: 2008 Eric Massa

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Hello, my name is Eric Massa. And I'm a retired Navy Commander who spent 24 years serving my country. On November 4th, you'll have a clear choice in the election booth. Who you decide to send to Congress is one of the most important decisions you'll make this year. You can either continue down the road George Bush paved for us, or you can vote to take this great nation in a new direction. While Americans blame George Bush for financial crisises rising gas prices, mounting health care bills, and job cuts. Don't forget to his rubber stamps in Congress voted for his failed agenda every step of the way. Randy Kuhl has been one of President Bush's most reliable allies in Congress by voting with him 95% of the time. During this time, Kuhl has given some 14 billion dollars in tax give aways to big oil. While repeatedly voting against lowering gas prices, and against green jobs. Just this week, he voted against a comprehensive energy bill that moved us into the 21st century. All the while he's taken over a million dollars from corporate special interests. I, however, refuse donations from all corporate special interests. If you decide to elect me into Congress, I will move us in a new direction. We can lower gas prices by requiring oil companies to drill in areas they've already leased. And funding the technologies of tomorrow with a portion of those profits. We can create and keep good jobs right here by fighting against failed free trade deals with countries like China and replacing them with fair trade agreements. We must protect Social Security. That's why I support freezing the retirement age and maintaining the current level of benefits. We can make health care more affordable. by making sure everyone has access to the same quality care that members of Congress have already given themselves. To read my comprehensive plans to create good jobs, lower gas prices, protect social security and make health care more affordable. Please visit my Web site at Thank you for your time. And I hope to earn your vote on November 4th.

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Posted by: wxxi on Oct 27, 2008

Candidate Free Air Time is WXXI Public Broadcasting Council program. Eric Massa is the Democrat running in the 29th Congressional District.

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