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Jacque Fresco - Design and History of Invention (1976)

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... and they looked at it. There were patterns of cigars on their blouse. You know, in other words, they should me, you know? And now, if you try to look different. But up here, they are very much alike. Because i remember doing some experiments using all, we had a truck in sound of this guy, John Coulter, i think i told you about him. He meant a process in a catholic church. And he used to yell, how many dollars, real laugh, and he made them according, and they put in the back of the building, last on their back, and they told them. I'm not saying that is the right thing to do. But he did strange things like that. And he did, he made recordings, you see that, in front of another days, and they played a recording outside of a factory where men were working, and the women heels going walking down in her own labour, and they slap up the door, you know? And in order of how these recordings of a refrigerator over a kid, you see? And this is what they arrived. They moved by their associations. And this was for your benefit. When they lived on land where everybody walked around nude, you grew up, they would never look at the body of a person. You know, they are normally there. You can't sell photographs of nude woman and people when they lived on that island, because it doesn't make sense. Man have no natural desires, there are no instincts. There are no natural feminine patterns, they are all trained, everything that you do. Your set, your values, your words, everything. Unfortunately, i wish i were wrong. And unfortunately it is locked out. And so, in order to make the future, we have to surrender our notions of the words of what we think it is, and try to find out what the hell man really is, not only about human, people. And try to build a world for people. So there will be generated creativity on everyone. Make millions of innovative inventions and whatever it was. And Bach's, Brahms' and Beethoven's, and move in. So the people will learn to live in their own kind of pole, whatever they want to live in. Whatever they be was indicated, before rather they live underground, in the ball with huge muscle on the floor, which they feed upon, then they have moving issues on the world, you know? Every home will be radically very different. Because people will live in accordance with their style, with their knowledge. And every home today you see all the old curvatures on the furniture early. And that is so much alike. That i said that some of you here that they used to look at the old dog, you know, they make their chair legs, they are based on animals, and they even put flours on that, pieces of ivory. But the chair looks strange. So the designer hold up para-boles in the middle and front of it. If you look at the early chairs, you will see that. See? And they couldn't, they borrow them out. And they have some certain time, they would start covering issues up, they thought they were great. Only designed was saw as they were talented. And let me show you what the designer is, a simple type of person. What you have to do is draw any pattern at all, see? Basically, design any pattern, whether will be this, a multi style process, or whether would be assumed as a presence like that. And that is a basic system all designed. Then you hang how to fit the pressure, there. And then you hang and will fit in there, and that is that. See? And then you hang what you figured out, that is a circle. Then you start hanging triangles on there. And you hang in what you fit on that. And design is nothing but elaboration on a thing. You have an issue on there, a simple one over the other, these people see, why very talented, they don't know how to teach them. I can teach design to children in 2 minutes. All kinds of the techniques of design. When they hardly cover a design in the same textile twice. And they design a city down for a weeks, they tried to work out the model and textile thing. You know? Maybe a few lines like that? You see? Would it be simple a monkey know out what to do on that, and they call designed, you know? they design women dresses, and they steal from Paris, fashions, you know? And they copy one another, and they put a little front out, a (?) there, like i said yesterday, a fur, a piece there, a fur packet then, a worship any year. They are just elaborated, there is no taught in there at all. Just hang shit on it. Taught process requires, that you simple acquire things, not that they are more complex. The most magnificent things about the electric lamp is not even a piece of wire, connected to a source of power and it gets hot. So hot that it glows. And then it burns out. So that i, when Edison first made this, he had a piece of wire and he wanted to shock a friend. But he didn't have enough wire to reach the table. He wanted a strength to pick up a key. But he used to understand what a wet platform therefore. And when he cuts that key, he got a shock. And Edison did not have enough wire to reach the table. So he used some thin wire, and it got red hot. And he forgot about chocking the friend, because it raised a bit of light there, around like that, and he didn't invented because it takes too much space in another way. And he put it on his desk, and he felt over, and stated that this thing was burning. So he picked an empty glass and put it over it, and he said another thing. I got a light from an electric wire, as it came in the school book. Now he put an element in that and burned out after few hours. And the fragment is from a college professor, said that he took the air out of the glass, and the glass broken, (?) very (?). So he did. And that glass technologists told that the glass, like this, it wont crack on the corner. And so, there was Edison was a great man, you see? And so, really, if you were studying the history of inventions, you see so simple, so simple procedures. They say, why all these complex minds of these great thinkers, you know? It isn't that, what goes on the minds of the pure thinkers, they do a lot of thinking. The great thing is you don't take everything at all. Was Einstein, or you, or anybody else, you know, what is your average, you have to think, you have to automatically. But you know anything, a lot of things. Their kid are kid in air. 3 times 5. Jesus. It was they do a lot of thinking. As saying as you (?), he know thinking, that was automatic connection. Einstein did not think very much. But there are lots of people that say, that is a scenario upon the nature, it is what means. You say the guy doesn't value a dime, once you say he values a lot of thinking. And he came without any answers, because he had not enough information. And if he has information, he does not have to think. Another words, if you are going to build a bridge, and you know that million pounds of traffic, and they all are made of steel. To have million pounds of traffic you might have (?) made of steel, and you don't have to think about. All engineers have a handbook of eye beams, no (?) on structure (?) and (?). Let's see if they can carry 25 thousand pounds of cubic inch, you see? Very noisy, they look up a table, they don't have to think. A chemist, he know when mixes something, he knows what will get, they don't think about. That doesn't means if strange things together, he does it, and (?) happen. And then it turns in a kind of a (?) material that is strong, and then they phased out and happen. And asks, how you do that? You know as your experiment is useful as shit. You do mixing a lot of and get robbed, that is how it works. Now, one more thing imposed, a guy named Bakeman, they used to make printed balls in a library. And Bakeman was working with materials like wood ground up, cellulose, trying to make a plastic material. Lighter and cheaper. But he failed continuously. And finally he wanted, when focused on mount a pile. And the experience is how he was doing with his synthetic material. Instead he picked it up and pissed on a bucket, that s what he were doing. He got urine, what is it? Urine gas. Urine, and mount a pile. You know how it's gone. Was about that. Pretty fine. Take a light. What? It's final for familiarity. It isn't it. And he urinated, and suddenly down, on the bottle is a little ball, some residual. And then he learned upon, there is a gas on it. And it was kind of melt on high. And he got this substance on his bucket. But the (?) his invention. But, really, a great many inventions are accidental. And briefly again, and marking pages with little marks, to find the page when you turn them fast, the marks move, so they drew birds, so these marks wouldn't fly. Edison got a moving camera from China, and all know a long over invented anything. All right? They make them. These misconceptions dealing with man, these concepts, these ideas, these music, these culture, these customs, their society, their architecture, their original thinking, these arts, these music, all the aspects of society, and some kind of fertilized and particular area. While standing in a light tonight, when joining in a (?) and you want to join us a wealthy new soon.

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Part 3 of a talk about distortions of values and importance of re-orienting towards more relevant and generalist views; education.

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