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HOM 25 - Lifespan and Infinity - How long can the human body last before Death

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: HOM 25 - The Creation of Death (Jack) So I am continuing with the Life-span so Enki and Marduk work together on a Life-span and they found that these beings are able to live up to 500 to 700 years- earth time now because of everything becoming Life manifested they realized that they are able to equate 'time' this was done by Marduk of course Marduk realize everything has a equation to it and he realized that if you look at the 'equation' in terms of the physical vessel and the system within including the being if he equates everything in totality, he said 700 years but! he said in terms of if I look at what is it or wanting to do getting millions and billions of people here to prepare a certain placement and design for you in this planet on this planet as you there will be a Life span later of- no more than forty fifty years old maybe sixty possibly sixty or older 'occasionally' maybe eighty but the oldest Life-span will be around forty fifty and, that was they know that already before anything was put into place he was able to do that because remember now the nature, the animals the human form as the systems inside was formed mathematically equated space time continuum because everything became compressed and manifested and that's why he was able to equate that so that's how- Life span was determined they said 700 years is cool way they're- fine with that in a few maybe millions of years thousands of years thirty forty period will be which the case we will deal with it when it comes for now all we want is these human forms on this planet perfect the dimensional placement is in place and, that's all we need for now so first let's get all of existence here so that's what they did first, the Martians was the more like the brutal ones you know they- they actually went and capture 'dimensional beings' they they went to planets now these races are huge the Annunaki the Martians the Sirians and the Serpents were the four biggest, largest races in existence they were really extensive the others were more the, little contained profound ones and you know they had many different methods they had like these sound bracelet things that was placed here see everyone believe during that time that it was possible to be captured because they don't know of anything else they didn't know of enslavement or control or anything that would ever maybe even consider 'doing this' it didn't exist in them so therefore it was quite simple to do what was necessary to be done so it was simple they capture them and placed them into this dimension or the Serpents- the Sirians were quite a sly-manipulative race they were very they were you know suave like- sweet talk race but very! very evil I'd say their posture their voice their standings their presentation everything as I you become mesmerized by their voice, by their company and so they were so success-ed with planets in capturing dimensional- they saying to them: we have got a proposition we see your planet is currently depleting you don't know why you need a place to stay right? yes ok, come to our planet we got a place for you so they said ok see by then everyone trusted everyone to a certain extent certain extent - from a perspective of I'm speak of this trust as they were naive in their not, considering what is possible in existence because they couldn't find that inside themselves it's dangerous, very dangerous the separation then already existed and, soon, it took the let's say about fifteen earth years, it took to get all of existence here quite awhile to make sure everyone's here but first everyone was placed in this dimension now this dimension was the illusion of infinity the infinity as what it is as who we are hasn't been experienced by anyone on earth yet I'm sorry to say but even the dimensions because infinity- exists as and in human beings but now you're probably asking: But how I am system I'll explain, just hold on, and so everyone was placed into the dimension around earth now Anu already prepared the physical form now we get to the Adam and Eve story Adam and Eve Adam and Eve, in terms of ok, I'll continue Adam and Eve in my next interview thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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