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Another Day in the Life of a VRS Interpreter

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Hearing Person (elder, female): Hello Terp: Hello, there's a person using sign language calling Terp: through the video relay service Terp: I'm interpreter 666 and I'll be interpreting this call for you OK? HP: No thank you T: I'm sorry? HP: No thank you. We don't want any of that. T Oh, no. I'm not selling anything. T: There's a person who uses sign language calling you. T: I'm an interpreter T: And I'll be interpreting the call for you. OK? HP: What? What are you talking about? HP: What is this? I said I don't want this! HP: You can't make me! I won't pay! HP: I don't understand what-- T: OK, calm down. Stop talking for a minute. T: I want you to listen. HP: What is this? I-- T: Ah ah! Stop talking and just listen T: There is a person. T: Who uses sign language to communicate. T: Calling you. T: I am an interpreter, I will interpret the call for you. T: OK? HP: I can't T: Can't what? HP: I can't take this call. T: Why not? HP: I can't! I can't! T: What? Why not? T: What is your problem? HP: We don't have anyone here who does that. T: Does what? HP: sign language. We don't have anyone here who does that. HP: I don't know sign language. HP: I can't take the call. I won't know what's going on. T: That's OK. That's why I'm here. T: You don't have to know sign language. T: Because I know sign language. I will tell what the person is saying. HP: How? This doesn't make any sense! I've never heard of this! T: OK, it's not that hard. T: You understand what sign language is right? HP: Yes. T: And you understand what interpreters do right? HP: Yes. T: And you know that there are such a thing as deaf people right? HP: DEATH PEOPLE? DEATH PEOPLE? HP: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? HP: Are you saying a dead person is calling me? T: No dumb ass. Deaf people. T: Like people who can't hear so they use sign language to communicate. T: D-e-a-f-f-f-f-f-f people. HP: Oh. OK. That's fine. Over. T: What?! HP: OK. I get it now. Over. T: Why do you keep saying "over." HP: So you know when I'm done talking. Over. T: Oh. You don't need to do that. T: I'm not typing. This is video relay not TTY relay. HP: Right. HP: Right. So. HP: Right. So. Let. HP: Right. So. Let. Me. HP: Right. So. Let. Me. Know. HP: Right. So. Let. Me. Know. If. I'm talk. HP: Right. So. Let. Me. Know. If. I'm talk. ing too fast. T: Why are you doing that? HP: So you can type it out. HP: Oops! I forgot to say "over" last time. HP: Over. T: Stop doing that you moron. I'm not typing. T: It's video relay T: I see the Deaf person on a video screen. T: We use sign language and I interpret the call for the two of you. T: There's no typing. HP: You can see me? What am I wearing? T: No. I can't see you. You don't have a videophone. T: I see the Deaf person. HP: So then how do we do the sign language if I don't have a videophone? T: You don't do "the sign language." T: You don't know "the sign language." T: I know "the sign language." T: I will do that and speak to you in English. T: Hello? HP: You didn't say "over." T: I thought we went through that already! T: Just talk normally like a normal conversation. HP: But how will I know when they're done? How do you know when anyone's done? They stop "talking." T: Um, hello? HP: You didn't say "over." T: Are you fucking pre-tarded? HP: What do they want? T: I don't know. I'll connect you to the caller. T: Your caller is saying... ..."Hi mom. It's me."

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Posted by: bertissimo on Dec 19, 2010

Hearing people can make you crazy

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