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C2L6: Figure 8 Serve

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So when I call this lesson the figure 8 serve. I am really referring to the element of verticality in the serve. The figure 8 made by the hips and the hand going up into the serve. Steve Johnson has a nice looking motion and he does what I am talking about most good players do. Watch here. He pulls back with his hips first, as he should in his figure 8 form. Now his arms follow, while his hips shift forward. Look at the roundness, see the figure 8 , the bottom of the figure 8?Then he comes in here to the center then back up and around at the 45. So its like a figure 8. Watch here on my throw, my hands are below my chest, but as I turn, and screw down into the ground my arm starts to rise as my hips do as well. As I turn back see where my arm is now, its over my head and that is the service motion. Starting in the hips and then this figure 8 rippling up with the hand. So its the back side of a figure 8, here comes Warrens hips and look at that slope in his shoulders, see that and its due to that slope in his hips. See a little slope in the hips creates a larger slope in the shoulders. So it gives you plenty of power. So its really about continuous motion and having tension. Look at Warren heel here. Having tension in the body, its up now watch as he puts it down his hips start to rotate and look at his hands. His racket head is in front of the base line so he's causing tension in his arms from the pulling of his hips. Now the arm comes up in this round figure 8 up in the middle and then back out again. Take a look here on the 8 board, see Stevens feet are turned so he's got a big figure 8 in the hips and once again the left hip is slightly higher than the right hip and left shoulder is higher than the right shoulder. Getting that nice slant. Now here is where Steven comes into the center the middle of his figure 8, the X point. Then he rises up again, so its like a back side of a figure 8. Another way to look at is , screw down into the court, you screw down into the court. That gives you that nice slope in the hips and the shoulders. See that nice tall that toss, that long toss then he comes out into the center and then back out into the final hump of the figure 8. There it is round at the bottom, he comes in through the x right there. Thats were it represents the x of the figure 8. And then as his hips pull through he comes back around again. So there is real feeling of going up into a figure 8 with your arm as your hips pull in and out of the figure 8 below. Thats the way it is you know, your hips really initiate the swing and then your arm follows and everything forms this figure 8. It doesn't have to be an exact figure 8 its just a feeling you get. So Warren is back in his hips, his arms are nice and tense. Now he shifts and keeps tension in the arm, his roundness is there, now he comes in through the x right in the center and then back up and around. I like Sam Stosser's serve, she probably has one of the best women's serves right now. See look at her heel its up just like Warren was doing, now she sinks into her back hip, right hip as her foot drops. Now she shifts and slides through her x with her hip, see that she sliding through the x with her hip, her arm nice and round at the bottom back side of the 8 then it comes in right there and back up again. So like I said its the back side of the figure 8. Here is another way to look at it. I think you get a really good view of it here. See as her hips shift forward, the roundness that back side of the figure 8 comes around then it comes through the x, right there and then around again. Its a real good way to feel the serve. Try that and make sure your students try that and feel it.

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See how fluidity on the serve creates effortless power.

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