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Smart Lift Gate | Burns Hyundai

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Hi, everyone! My name is Taylor. I’m the technology expert here at Burns Hyundai. And one of the awesome features I want to show you today is called the Smart Liftgate. Now, what the Smart Liftgate does, let's say you walk around, you got a bunch of stuff in your hands, you’re getting ready to go to the beach on a beautiful day like this, as long as your keys’ on your person, when you walk up behind the trunk, say, within a few feet of it, wait about five or six seconds, the trunk is going to continue to beep and then it's going to open up on its own. So, I just want to demonstrate it. I’m not even going to put this in my pocket – anything – we’re going to walk right over here. I’m going to stand right next to it. And you can see the tail lights start to flash, then it beeps. It's going to open all the way up on its own. You can adjust the liftgate at any point if you need to. Me, I’m a little bit taller, so I’m going to move this up a little bit more. You can press and hold until it gives you a couple of beeps. And then when you’re ready to close it, push that button and you’re going to step away so it doesn’t close on you. That's really it. I just wanted to show you how that works. Now, you can get the Smart Liftgate on the Tucson limited oldsmith and the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport 2.0 depending on the package that you get with the vehicle. Thank you so much for watching this video. Feel free to come see us at any time. And just remember, Burns treats you best.

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