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Workstyle Freestyle 047 - 'Wellness'

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Hello Hoxbies! Welcome to Workstyle Freestyle! With me, Alex Hirst, and with me, Lizzie Penny. And today's big news is that I'm a lot bigger than I was in 2012. I don't... what's the big news? Well, it's not THE big news, although it is news around how big you are... or were. So in fact, the big new is. this week, this year, is that we are launching a wellbeing initiative within Hoxby. Starting in January, to coincide with Red January, which is an initiative of MIND. We are obviously focussed on wellbeing in its entirety and we're going to be bringing that to life in lots of different ways. So wellbeing in its entirety, what do we mean by that? Hoxby is about alot more than freelancers earning money it's about a community and a safe space to come together. So we're talking about everything from financial wellbeing, to psychological wellbeing but also, physical wellbeing. I see you drinking your water there, that's just a key part... I've slightly overfilled my pint glass here. hmmm, finish that by the end of the video Delicious! So we're kicking off our wellbeing launch week, this week. And we are really excited to be doing all sorts of stuff from having remote yoga classes round the world, #RespectTheWorkstyle workshops which is one of our very important values and lots of other brilliant stuff to ensure the wellbeing of the Hoxbies. If you do nothing else in 2020, be well... and everything else will follow. Financially, psychologically, and physically. Thank you so much, have a brilliant Wellbeing January everyone. Bye! Right, I'm off for a run.

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Posted by: jeslee on Jan 7, 2020

Hoxby Founders Alex and Lizzie introduce wellbeing week.

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