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Education is changing So are we The new McGraw-Hill Education

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McGraw-Hill Education is a really exciting combination of two things. First, a 125-year-old company renowned for delivering fantastic high quality education for more than a century. Inside of that traditional publisher we've now created a brand new business, a business that applies learning science to changing lives. A learning science company is a much more apt descriptor for the McGraw-Hill of now. Learning science is a phrase that we are using to describe what it is that we use and apply to help people learn. So we think about how do we use technology to bring that content or deliver that content in ways we've never been able to before. We are focused achievement. We're focused on outcomes. Technology is one of the ways in which we can improve outcomes and improve achievement. The science comes in in the fact that we adapt to the learner, are able to engage them, and then measure those results. This is revolutionary because suddenly we are able to cater to the individual. We make things that are personal and personalized, that they adapt to what it is that the student already knows. So we try to understand where the student is based on what their needs are. We give them instruction to help fill that gap. It goes beyond a student just getting a grade back. It's actual, and that's really exciting to me. And we make it accessible wherever a student is, so mobile—it's a big part of what we do. You know, when I think back to my education it was really one size fits all. Today's classroom and today's student is nothing like we were when we were kids. We can release new features within really, really rapid timelines. So how good is it to know that the products that we are creating today have a rapid positive impact tomorrow, not some time down in the future but literally tomorrow. I think that a lot of what we do is we enable people to move up that social ladder so that they can have a better life. We know that the technology is making a difference because the teachers, the instructors who use it see it, because the children who use it in K-12, the young adults who are using it in college, respond to us and say, "This is helping me." We're now able to actually say we can be a part of the solution. We can help those institutions be more successful for their students. That is the biggest difference for us. We can help people learn better.

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Education is changing So are we The new McGraw-Hill Education

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