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TEDxBuenosAires - Ines Sanguinetti - 04/08/10

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Hello We started dancing. Because my talk is hard. My talk is very hard. The subject of mi talk is changing the world. And I have ten minutes. Ten minutes to convince you all, and you are a lot, that changing the world is possible. That changing worlds is possible, with this energy. Thank you Michael, thank you Edgardo. This is THE energy This is the strength, the talent, the courage, the creativity the young have, like them, when they get the opportunity to discover that they have this power. They have to discover it. Tonight, if I would have had to speak in the morning it would have been more complicated than now in the afternoon, right? I am more relaxed now... because the whole TEDxBuenosAires somehow travelled this path... This path of creativity development, emotion, art and confidence in other human capabilities. Well, I wanted to, because the audience has been participating, discover a bit what the energy is like. I feel really brave because I´ve come to say that art and politics have to do. I come to talk about art and social change. Dancing and politics are very connected and you get that now because dancing is organization of the movement, organization of emotions and... what is politics? It's exactly the same thing. The one we like and the one we dislike. So, I ask are there five people, but really: five who would raise their hand Like this "The world can be changed" ¡Now! Wow... And this people, when they are not attending TED they've got other destinies. And then one has this great idea, I've got this pasion and I've got this emotion, "The world can be changed" I've got poeple who care about me so I get together with this people I convince them that it's possible to change they got other people who care about them they get together...and so on life bursts, ideas burst. Well it's not like that This people get together, the ones that raised their hand know it, with the ones who care about them, for steak on sunday. So thay say: "OK, look, the world can be changed" then the sister-in-law (we already talked about the sister-in-law today) Right? The son-in-law, they say "look, why don't we talk about something else" then I go "Yeah, sure" the truth is we want to be loved I want to be liked so I say "yeah, how are the kids?" Yes, I've got other topics! Right? It's not like I don't have other topics Well.. The truth is most people think the world can not be changed And this is no disqualification there's an installed truth a social representation that says: "people don't change" and society as a whole even less. Right? Then there are other people who say "No, wait. The world can be changed, of course it can because I tried to change the world. And I failed." So this are smart people, prudent, reasonable people. Life taught them a lesson, they understood it all when "when I was young". And they go "I won't try anymore" And these people are not just anybody These people are like screws Picture screws that go *sounds* The iron cloak that's above our head. The world can not be changed And then there are other people, I am one of them so I raise my hand, back there are other who can raise it too who think "there are worlds that can be changed" It is possible to change them And if we have the courage insistence and persistence enough to understand that we can wait for these changes and these little worlds join other worlds and sometimes it doesn´t take too much but the paths are created, overlaping, the shifts all the roamings the flows something unmeasurable is built because it is true that the world changes starting with that little that can be changed but be aware, that one changes by the generation by the excess every change demands Well I...could change I am a dancer as they already said I am choreographer, but we dancers die dancers, that's the truth. So I am a dancer. This pictures you're looking at fill me with emotion because I've been enormously happy having the privilege of developing my career with people so very talented. I am looking at them there Seriously, my heart beats and I say "Wow, how rich my life has been". Moguilevsky for example, you listened to him today, is one of those musician with this kind of talent where I say "I could work with Moguilevsky". Anyhow, I soon understood that I was positioning myself in a career in modern dancing in contemporary dancing in Argentina and in the world that I danced in the theatres I wanted, and I got invited to the festivals I wanted luckily, critics said "ok, you can dance, that's great" managers, my god, managers appeared the ones who really make things happen, right? People who sell you And I thought "well, how does my career looks like?" and I mapped out an image upward, forward, and I didn't like that image because I felt that world had nowhere yo burst I mean, we all want to be important. I want to be important You want to be important The important thing is not to be important, but, if one is truly ambicious (this is no renouncement, what I am about to tell you) the important thing is to be part of something VERY important that's what is really important and it also leads to enourmous happiness So in Argentina, we are argentinians and we know it, in the nineties we lived a mean story related to being important and successful and we were all excited about being at the gates of the first world so economic growth was very important stability was important and inequality was oversize and our country was breaking and the distance between the poor and the rich grew bigger and bigger abysses where formed fissures opened incommensurate so people started travelling and said: "well, lets go to Paris." Of course, when? The problem was when. There was no other problem about going to Paris. But the distance between rich and poor neighborhoods in Buenos Aires were thousand of miles So other people did an other kind of journies Other people discovered that travelling was about something else My husband, who did his life in the field of economics, he is a serious person, not like me, I am a dancer sorry, he also is a philosopher imagine the level of seriousness there he and other leaders of La Cava sadly called "villa" (slum) a neighborhood in a poverty situation, Juan and those leaders started to look at this abysses they started to look at each other from the border of these abysses that are not only social abysses but also personal abysses and they decided to cross borders and do this journey and that was the journey and I've been invited there and then my career stopped being a career to begin being a journey with others. With groups, with collective creations, with social organizations. And well, that is what made me understand that art has a transforming power that creating is worthwile and that is how we named our organization Cachito's and my organization, and the one of so many and ten years went by and two cultural centers grew and there were 800 these young people and professional art productions travelled the world. And that's nothing... These young people you saw them on this stage earlier today, teach other young people, they manage their centers in the neighborhood and they are in charge of its administration Well, and that was not enough and luckily we all found out not without pain, that this was a parcial success and that it was very little for that excess that it was fragile. And also that, like in personal matters, it was a spiral race towards ones own belly button belly button that was now and institutional belly button there is a lot of insitutional race around its own belly button many institutions do that not only people So we went for more, we said "lets go for more" and we discovered that in lots of places art produced upheavals for the people art modified relationships art created and held communities together and that was a reality between thousand of artists and social workers for Latin America I can say because of what I saw but also in the whole world. And why don´t you know this? Why don't you know this? Why am I not boring you by telling you this? Because this happened in forgotten places in places of disposession in places of sadness in places of marginalization in places of dispair in those places the most powerful of the human condition was changing the life quality of thousands of persons and it was not massive shows, thrown to the ones left out by generosity of some private or public charity. No. What I want to talk about and I feel responsible of being effective I'm not sure if I should dance, say, show pictures, what I come to say is that in eleven countries in Latin America in those most vulnerable territories sad, from one point of view, processes are being generated in education in the arts in professional art production, of circulation of artistic and cultural goods and above all of profit of it that is changing the life of thousands of people but much more than it is letting us think, you, me, everybody who's watching us, everyone who is able to take their look there, or go, that creation of wealth is possible for all that the creation of opportunities for happiness is possible for all it is...very hard saying this bucause it can seem patronizing lets and social change it's joy, it's beauty, it's creation for millions of young people who otherwise, I hace to say it, would be victims of discrimination, of violence, that's what's expected it come along with drug trafficking, with slavery, with unemployment or simply with hunger The most important thing, or the most important thing I can tell you here, is not that...can we take a look at the pictures of the Red Lationamericana? Show them all because it's nice to see...what you keep in mind when you think that these kids you will see there, had that destiny. This is the most important thing that I should tell you today is that if a kid from the jungle of Santa Cruz de la Sierra takes a violin in his hands, and plays that violin we are seeing him now, his life has changed. That is important, but it is not important enough. That kid travels with that violin and plays that violin at an international festival in France, and that is not enough either. It's not like it isn't important. It's just that there's more to it. And I want to tell about that "more" that's so hard to show on a picture When this kid plays music of such a quality he has changed his life because he stopped being a victim. It doesn't matter that the sistem keep opressing. That kid is no longer a victim. One time a friend of mine, he is very intelligent, said something beautiful to me, and I want to share it with you, he said: "Listen Inés, the day heroes disappear, victims will disappear". And it's not complex, it's simple. We need heroism to change the world, we need that extra plus of energy but, where are we putting it? In the egos of some individuals who take care of the life of others? Or do we put it in the young? We have to give kids the chance to discover the power of their transforming strength because that strength is moving that strength saves them and us. Kids are not dangerous, kids are in danger. The thing about art and the thing about emotion, is the thing about utopia. It is being able to get utopia back for our states. Utopia, for Latin America, (which is no poor continent, just unequal) and for the world (which is a poor planet, right?) No. Unequal. The big utopia is going for the different, going for the opposite, going for the ones who don't think like me, going for the others. The problem about exclusion is not just a problem of the excluded the problem about exclusion is the relationship between the so-called excluded and the so-called included. It's enhancing this link that we transform reality. What we are seeing there does. ¿Can we look at an incredible picture? Let's go back. This is a neighborhood once dominated by drug trafficking in the city of Medellin and those three black figures we see there what would yo say...they're three UFO's that landed to see if they could solve Can we take a look inside this UFO? That interior is designed by an architect who thinks that way. In Medellín, practical ideas. Because I'm a dancer and we're not supposed to be practical. A practical idea. Medellín went from seven thousand deaths a year to seven hundred. Just because the idea was to invade the most dangerous city in the planet with artistic spaces like these. This spaces, you know what they are? They are places that make place to what is not hell in the middle of hell. I think about it as simple...but it doesn't always happen this way. I would like you to be a wave that could convice governments, and the people who are still left to convince, corporations, that this is possible. Art produces enchantment in the desenchantment of the world. If we look at the image of this girl, in the centre, who stands like this, a dancer, right? Perfect. This image is a picture of the trascendence. Trascendence has physicality, has body. For example, they took a picture. We've got solutions that are important. I want to say there are many patches. I am not saying microcredit is no good, I am not saying donations are wrong, I am not saying anything against Corporate social responsibility What I am saying is they're just patches. They are patches, and the social tissue keeps breaking beacuse of a monster. Turns out we ourselfs created that monster the same who sew patches as the one´s who create the monster. The thins is the patches move much slower than the creature eats. So...for the ones who now think they have the desire to change, the hands that went up before, the ones that didn't go up, if you want to change things, the advice is to give it a shot. Not trying it alone but trying it immerse in the sceneary of diversity. Doing, feeling and thinking is not a minor thing. We also talked about that. Trough art and emotion, let us try to transform doing, feeling and thinking into a one and only thing. To ask ourself what we are doing in the first place but above all, if doing, feeling and thinking can be one thing someday, thinking about a man, thinking about rescuing him, will inevitably include the movement of actually go and rescue him. It is urgent, it is very, very urgent that we become much more people in this together. Thank you.

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Inés Sanguinetti is a dancer and coreographer deeply commited to work for social equality trough art. She pursued her studies in sociology in Universidad del Salvador and now coordinates the Red Lationamericana Arte para la Transformación Social.

Since 1997 she is co-founder and president of Crear vale la pena, an NGO that develops a program for social integration for the joung, combining education in arts, artistic production and social organization like means for social and individual improvement. It has been declared as a programm of nacional interest and been selected as a case of study by various organizations and study centers. It has also been awarded multiple times in Argentina and other countries.

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