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Lean to me is being efficient and effective in whatever you do. It's that and it covers these concepts: quality, cost and speed. And uh.. It's the quality of your service and your role, you know. But I especially see it as, you know the quality of service that you provide to your customer, and for me, my customer is everybody. Whoever I come into contact with. And that's the culture that I bring to work. Mac: So the most succinct way I've heard the philosophy described is one of open mind, teamwork and challenge. And to sort of take those words that come from the Toyota way and translate them into BC Public Service. It really corresponds to, um, curiosity,teamwork, and courage. Dawn: It's, um, about opening up opportunities for us. Once we look at what we're doing. Why we're doing it. How we can do it easier. Therefore possibly free up time, so people can expand their knowledge in other fields. Robert: Do we really need to do it differently? And I think that was the beauty of the question. Was really questioning how we've always done it this way. Umm You know, maybe there is a better way? Robert: But really it's just about improving the process and making it more efficient. Veena: Pretty much, it's reducing the delay. Just trying to get everything moving faster. Mac: Umm and very much Lean is about the team, the people who do that work, coming together and saying "yes" it makes sense or "no" it doesn't make sense and improving it which should improve their daily lives. Less frustration and less re-work. Less escalated issues. It's very much about moving away from, umm, firefighting and getting into fire prevention.

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