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The Fighter (2010)

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This is my younger brother. You gotta help me finish this! I taught him everything he knows. You don't want to see where this fight is headed! I'm still his trainer. I have a fight next week. And after I win, I'm gonna start makin' good money. So you can be with me more days, okay? Good luck daddy! (mom) Don't hold your breath, Casey. Bye baby. (woman) You sweep streets, right? Yeah, I do. I'm a fighter. (woman) I heard you where a steppin' stone. I've had a few tough fights, but the next fight is gonna show who I am. (other guy) He and he's gonna lose that one too. So move that sugar ass and get out of here. Don't disrespect her. (commentator) Mickey Ward is 31 years old, and here because he needs the money. (Mickey) Look at the size of that guy. He's got 20 pounds on me, Dickie. (Dickie) If you don't fight, nobody gets paid. I'm quittin' Shelly. I'm done fightin'. I don't need it anymore. (Shelly) It's sad that you let them take it away from you. (Mickey) I was embarrassed. I told everybody I was going to win that fight and get back on track. I'm sick of being a disappointment. (promoter) Look, Mick, nobody's got heart like you. You're a very talented fighter. I'm going to give you a real shot, to make one last run at this thing before it's too late. (Mickey) What about my brother? He's taught me everything I know. I can't do it without him. (promoter) With all due respect, he's too much trouble. Get down on the floor right now! [arguing, sirens] He's a fighter. Break his hand! (brother) Mick, I was doin' it for you. (Mick) What? This? Do me a favor - don't do nothin' for me anymore, okay? Ready for a title shot? (Mick) I'm not a stepping stone anymore. (brother) He's using you. (Mick) You can't be me. You have a hard enough time bein' you, and that's why you're in here. You're going to train, to get a girl? (brother) Why am I the problem? I'm his blood, I'm his brother. (girl) You're the problem! (older woman) You're crazy. I'm the one fighting. Not you, not you, and not you. This is my shot at the title. I won't get another one after this. Mickey has a chance to do something that I never did. And he needs you. Okay. I'll see you in Mickey's corner. (borther) This is your time. I had my time and blew it. You don't have to. Neither do I. Neither do I. [Captions by]

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