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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~00:15:07 - 00:29:31

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We are arriving at Asakadai, Asakadai. Thank you for using our line today. This is Asakadai. Please wait until we are done guiding the passenger in need to last car. ― Here you are. Are you OK? ― Yes, I am fine. Thank you for waiting. Thank you very much. I'd like to connect to the Musashino line. Is it still operating? ― Where are you heading to? ― To Niiza station. The last train to Niiza is leaving at 0:53am, so you'll be fine. ― That's good. ― There's still time before the departure. OK, I will wait. ― Is there an elevator here... ― No, we don't have one. ― We only have escalators. ― OK. I will guide you through to go down... It will be a big help, thank you. ― Please wait a second. ― Sure. ― Go ahead. ― Thank you. ― Are they your friends? ― Yes. ― Are they going to get on with you? ― I think we can leave them alone. Are you sure it's OK for them to get on the other one? Is it ok I come all the way here? ― Should I pull back a little? ― Excuse me for a second. ― Should I get on the edge as close as I can? ― You're fine where you are right now. ― Are you ready? ― Yes, I am ready. ― Is this the type that the front goes down ? ― Yes, that's right. We have two kinds, with three boards and two and a half boards. It depends on the time we attached them. ― And this one? ― We attached this one first, so it has two and a half boards. I see. ― The one you are going down with has three boards. ― Is that so? Would you like to go down the escalator upwards or backwards? ― I can go down upwards. ― OK. ― OK then, I get on it first. ― OK. Yes, I am alright. ― Can you wait for a second. ― Sure. ― Here you are. ― Thank you. ― Will you please wait for a while at the ticket gate? I will be there soon. ― Yes. ― I need a ticket. Excuse me. ― Yes. ― Um, excuse me. ― Yes. Thank you for helping me. Can I get through here? Hold on a second. ― Uh, should I wait here then? ― Never mind, go ahead. Oh really? Thank you. Thank you. ― It's dangerous so will you wait a little while? ― OK. ― I am going to get ready for your steps, so please wait. ― Yes. Can I get on now or should I wait longer? ― You can go now. ― OK. ― A little bit closer to the front... ― Oh, a little closer? ― OK, it's fine. ― I am taking you down now. ― OK. ― Thank you for helping me. ― Please take care of yourself. Yes, thank you. ♫La la la. Almost home. ― Excuse me, I need help in getting to Niiza station. ― To Niiza station, OK. ― I am coming... ― OK. Are you happy to wait? the train is coming at 53 minutes past. ― I have no choice but to wait. ― Are you going to be OK for a while? ― Please wait until we give you a hand. ― OK. Wow. He said 55 minutes past? Excuse me, can I go to the bathroom first? ― Oh sure. Let me show you the way. ― OK. Thank you. Oh no! There are cockroaches. I don't think I will use it now. Oh, it scared me. ― Should I go up there now and wait? ― Yes. Excuse me. The door is closing. This is the 2nd floor and the platform. The door on this side is opening. This is going down to the 1st level and the ticket gate. The back door will open. ― Where do you want to wait, around here? ― Uh, anywhere is fine for me. ― Is around here OK? ― Yes. ― Can you wait a minute? ― OK. ― You said Niiza, right? ― Yes. What time is the last train on this line? ― This one is the last one. ― Really? Is this the last one? I see. I am sorry but I got a call from Niiza you need to get on the last car. I apologize. ―OK. ― I'm sorry. Niiza has called here many times to tell me I need to get on the last car. ― Is that so? ― Yes. Every time I get on the train, of course. And even from another station, they call to tell me. ― You have to get on the last car? ― Yeah, they say so. Really. Understood. ― I am sorry for all the troubles. ― No, no it's OK. They say they don't have many station workers, so they don't want to mistake the car I am in. ― Indeed. ― Yeah.

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Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera
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Posted by: globallivesjapan on Jan 28, 2010

Rumi at home.

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