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#RemoteAgainstCoronavirus Campaign Update 7

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Hello and welcome to another update from the #RemoteAgainstCoronavirus campaign you will see that Lizzie isn't with me again this week she's still off sick sadly Lizzie, we send you all our best wishes. I have with me, again the wonderful Ben Foulkes, hi Ben! Welcome back! Ben has been authoring the articles that we've been writing off the back of the campaign and also chaired the first of our series of webinars which happened last week and we've got our second webinar happening this week on Friday Ben, what are we talking about this week? We do, it's on the difference between what we used to call remote working from home and remote working so, one used to be a benefit and we have a lot of connotations about what we think working from home is but remote working is something entirely different and a different way of operating and a different way of being effective so we're talking about the differences between the two and how to be really effective remote workers. Yeah, so just because we're working from home doesn't necessarily mean that we are remote working. An interesting debate should be a fantastic discussion we've got lots of points of view we've got Caroline Arora joining us who's our People Director at Hoxby and we'll both be there and Lizzie, hopefully you can join us but we'll just have to wait and see if you haven't signed up please do so you'll get a link to the conversation chat by registering we look forward to seeing you there and thank you very much for tuning in this week hopefully we'll speak to you again soon bye for now!

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Posted by: _kim_nguyen on Apr 15, 2020

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