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[rocket boom] [♪ Rocketboom theme music ♪] Alright, I'm going to go get changed. You guys talk amongst yourselves. Jake! Jesus. I need you to break up with Amir for me. What? He's crazy! I can't do it myself. [Sound of something falling and Amir saying, "Owww"] Did you know that he only eats Chicken McNuggets? Yeah. No, I mean only eats Chicken McNuggets? Nothing else, not even water! I said yeah. [Amir making quacking sound] Where is she? Amir. . . What happened? I need to talk to you. What about? Diana told me something. If this is about me wearing your high school retainer, I did it as a joke. You don't even wear it anymore. She wants to break up with you. [Laughs] Why wouldn't she do it herself? She probably likes you too much. I can't believe this. I mean you replay -- you see a commercial -- you never think it's going to happen to you. It happens to everybody. Nobody should ever outlive a relationship with somebody else, especially her. I'm trying really hard here. . . Can I be serious with you for a second? Probably not. I thought she was the one. Okay, that's right. I'm sure she was. Okay, what do you mean by the one? What do you mean? What is the one? The one, whatever. I don't know, you just say it. You just say it and the girl smiles, she kisses on the cheek -- Oh God this sucks! Alright come on, dinner tonight. No. McDonalds! Let's go right now! I don't feel like it. Which McDonalds? [Sounds of traffic and car horns] Oh God, a dry McNugget. <<Huh? <<A dry McNugget -- as if my day wasn't going bad enough. I'm sorry. It's fine. Oh -- sweet and sour before -- sweet and sour first! I'm sorry. There's a difference. New York City Video Blogging Meetup with Jake and Amir [Question from the audience] Do you guys have any formal acting or comedy training? 6 years of -- no not at all. I took a drama class in 9th grade. Jake and Amir I was in a play when I was in 6th grade, but I had to -- I couldn't be in the actual show because I had to go on vacation. Jake also audtioned to be Dennis the Menace. When I was 6 I just wanted to be Dennis the Menace. I made it to the final 15, or something like that. But he was beat out by Macaulay Culkin. Not Macaulay Culkin. Either way. [Yawns] Why am I so tired? "Sleeping Pills" Shouldn't keep working this hard man. <<What? You needed a break. What did you do? I put sleeping pills in your coffee. I don't drink coffee. I put some in your water too. I think it's something that I always knew. I watched a lot of online videos, and I myself would lose interest after a minute or two, and just -- when you're in them, and you're editing them it's hard to cut everything out. But I think we learn when more people are consuming it than just our friends, that we should cut them down to what people like. "New Apartment" By the way, you know how much I hate exercising, but we are running. . .out of toilet paper. Just looking out for your best interest. Best roomate in the world! [Slap] Any Hootie and the Blowfish. . . Sometimes it's just like -- I feel like the most important thing is that people find it funny, and so sometimes when Jake laughs people laugh at him. So I say he looks professional or smart -- as long as people are laughing that's fine. [Sounds of Amir screaming] "March Madness" Jesus Christ! I'm just kidding! I thought you didn't even care if I tried to kill me -- would you? No. <<Okay, let's start from the top. We usually talk in these characters -- slip in and out of them over the course of the week, and then through that we're like, "Oh that's funny, we should shoot that." So we're not actually just sitting there thinking about, "What should we shoot, what should we shoot?" Sometimes it has gotten to that. But most of the time it just comes out of conversation. [Sounds of bag crinkling] "Chips" Just give that to me, it's so annoying watching you fumble with that bag. I could open it in a second. Okay. No. Give it to me or I'm going to "Yaaaaaa!" Zonky! And now you owe me a bag of chips. Great. Good job. [Amir mumbling under breath] We realize that Jake and I are the funniest two people in the world, but sometimes it takes more than just two people to keep a video series running past 150 episodes. [Audience laughs] COLLEGEHUMOR.COM/CHTV No ice cream? I ate it all because it was mine. Well I bought it. Yeah, you bought it for me. Why are you being so cheap and Jewy about this? I really don't like you talking like that. What -- calling you cheap? Yes, and making fun of my religion. What religion? Ice cream is a religion now? And you call me fat. . . It comes from comedy inspiration -- a lot of it comes from The Office -- like the Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant Office. Curb stuff -- the Larry David Stuff -- stuff like that. Jake! Oh my God. 2 questions: Why and how? 2 answers: Red and 12. Okay, those are 2 answers, just not to those questions. What do you mean how? How did you know it was me? I took off my shoes so you wouldn't see. That's stupid, like I don't know your socks? Then I guess why? I thought you said, "Meet me in the bathroom." No, I told Pat that I was going to the bathroom, and I asked him to tell you not to come. Sorry Jake! You're right -- he's a lot stronger than he looks.

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