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CMC July18_Intuitive Transformational Speaking_Final

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>> Hi, I am Melissa Binkley, and I am the founder of the Intuitive Intelligence Academy. I am an international intuitive transformational speaker, and I am also a graduate of IIN, and so I'm so excited to share this module with you and teach you what I have learned over the last seven years and how I work with people all over the world in healing trauma and speaking and transforming lives. Today's lecture is about Intuitive Transformational Speaking. What is intuitive transformational speaking and what is the difference between that type of speaking and working with your clients and the regular, motivational, inspirational, informational speaking that you may be used to and why is speaking so important for us? When we are thinking about speaking, we want to think of a set of skills which are interpersonal communication, communication between people which is the coaching that you do when you work with your clients, which is the speaking, which is what you are doing when you work with a larger cloud. The other set of skills are those for an intrapersonal communication, communication within ourselves. And our second two lectures will be about that type of communication and how to work with those with your clients. So what is intuitive transformational speaking? Well, think about this. You ever heard of toastmasters or you go to an event and you see somebody standing up there and they've got their papers and they are reading off of something, you know, they're profusely sweating or toastmasters, they've got an outline and you really understand everything that's coming up, it's what's happening, that is one type of speaking, that's informational speaking. And then you have inspirational speaking, which is when you go to a conference or event, you get inspired to make changes in your life. So you have two or three days after that where you're so inspired, everything is happening, and you're inspired to make a change, you're motivated to take action. And then what happens? A week later, you're about 50% as excited, 2 weeks after that, you're may be 50% less excited than what you were before. And what you'll notice is is that if that's the type of speaking, if you're using information or inspirational speaking to get to your clients, you're going to give them lots of information and advice or you're going to inspire them, but both of those effects are going to wear off because people do not learn from information, they learn from transformation, and they do not learn from inspiration, they learn from intuitive transformation. So how can you transform your clients' lives instead of just inspiring them. So why is it important to add intuitive transformational speaking or speaking at all to your coaching practice? Think of it like this. When you work one-to-one with a client, you see massive transformations over your six-month coaching program with them, right? But it's only one-to-one. And so after a while, if you can only take say 12 clients at a time, maybe 24 clients if you are really spectacular, you get to a point where you want to reach more people, you really want to create an impact, you want to change the world. You want to do something on a deeper level, but how do you reach those people? Well, you could do group programs, which are great. And then there's also something even greater. What if you could stand in front of a group of 2,000 people and do a process that actually transformed their lives so that they could walk away changed forever? It is possible with intuitive transformational speaking. It is possible to actually get up in front of a crowd, work with them for 40 minutes or an hour, and completely change their lives forever. I did this in 2015. I was at an event for 40 women, and I had 2 hours. In about 40 minutes of that, I did this intuitive transformational process. And six months later, I had a woman that posted a message on Facebook and said, "Because of this event and the process that Melissa put me through, I have completely healed from human trafficking." So you actually have an opportunity to change someone's lives even if you don't work with them for full six months. Even if you only have an opportunity to touch somebody's life for 40 minutes, you can't do that with giving them information and you can't do that with inspiration. But with intuitive transformational speaking, it is actually possible to change their lives forever. I've been doing events all over the world for many years now, and I've had thousands and thousands of people come back and say now how their lives have changed because you can create the transformation for them. So let's talk a little bit about the five steps to creating a successful transformational speaking message so that you can really help your clients and help the people that you want to move forward. And then, if you do these large events, what happens? You are going to create a huge tribe and they're all going to want to work with you anyways, and then you're going to end up increasing your income and your impact and make a huge difference. So what are the five steps to a successful intuitive transformational speech? Number one is, what I call, the masterpiece message. And so what is the masterpiece message? Well, think about each one of us, our lives, when you think about a masterpiece, what is a masterpiece? It is the ultimate, it is the greatest thing that you can see when you think of all of the great people that have done art or work in this world, and they say it's the masterpiece. Well, you yourself are a masterpiece. And when you can get to your masterpiece message and share that with your clients, the story of your life and how you've transformed and how the processes that you've learned will actually help them to transform. So you got to get into the core of that message and really understand who you are as a person and what the lineup is behind the things that happened for you. And so by getting into your masterpiece, what you're going to do is you are going to go back through your timeline in your life and really start to look at the pivotal points in your life. So the first thing you're going to do is you're going to pick five pivotal points in your life. So go back in time and look at five things that have happened in your life. That possibly if they hadn't happened would have completely changed everything for you. And we want to really step into that space and understand not the story from the mode of the victim but from a place of empowerment. When you get into the core message, the masterpiece, what you want to look at is it's like having a golden thread that is the core of everything that your programs, your life, everything that you exist on. If you can figure out this core message, if you can figure out your masterpiece and it start with those five pivotal points in your life, the things that have helped you to change that have helped you to grow, then you can build your speech, you can build your programs, you can build everything around your message. That's how I built the Intuitive Intelligence Academy. I built it around a process from my own trauma, from my own healing from my life, and through processes that I learned through schools like IIN. And by creating those pieces to my masterpiece, I was able to come up with a core message and a core masterpiece that now all of my programs and everything that I do are built on. I have all sorts of different processes and programs that have all been built from this masterpiece message. And when you can get so defined in your message of what you could offer to the world, not what IIN is teaching you to offer or what somebody else is teaching you, but you take all of that wonderful information from all of them and then hone it into your own masterpiece, you're going to find the specific people that are out there searching for you and exactly what you need and you can share that from the stage. And what will happen is you will have two things. You're going to have some people that are going to be repelled and some people that are going to be attracted. And you want your message to be so strong that you do repel some people. There are seven billion people in the world, I say I only want one billion of them, and if you want to have that same message, that means I'm going to repel six billion people possibly. You want to do the same thing. You want to have a message that's so strong that it will attract the people to you that are most meant to hear it, and it will repel the people that aren't supposed to hear that message. So create your masterpiece from your own life. Don't take somebody else's and learn how to create that for yourself. Step number two is learning to have alignment. So what does that exactly look like? So there's alignment in many different areas. First is the alignment with your audience. When you create alignment with your audience any time you are going to do a intuitive transformational speech, you want to connect with the event organizers or if it's your own event, but anybody that you're doing and really, really, really understand the audience and become in alignment with who they are. This is how it becomes intuitive. If you're not in alignment with your audience, then you have to have a script, you have to think about every single little thing that you're going to say before you say it. You're going to have to know exactly what to do and when to do it because you're not in alignment with your audience. But if you understand and really get to know your audience really well, ask for the demographics, research them, research the event organizers, really know who your specific audiences that you are working with, that client, and hopefully you're speaking for audiences that is your perfect client, then you will be in alignment with the message. And when you are in alignment, then people flow to you, your tribe is built easily. And instead of it being a place where you have to go and search for your clients and go out and reach for them, they automatically come to you. The second part of alignment is alignment in your own life. It is learning that if you don't have alignment with your message and if you're not living your truth, that authentic nature is going to show up in your life and in many different ways. In 2015, I had built a very successful business and I was not living in alignment with that business. I had become ego-driven and wanted to make millions of dollars and, you know, do all of those things and I was running conferences and I was bringing in speakers from all over the world. And all of a sudden, my business started to fall apart. Why? Because it wasn't in alignment with my message and my truth. I had lost the vision, I had lost the meaning behind what I was doing, and I had to come back to that alignment. Since I have realigned and come back, my business has grown exponentially since then, and you will do the same. So if you ever feel like you are off course or that you don't have the wherewithal to make it through and you can't figure out quite what's going on, look at your values in your system and see, "Is my message and what I really want to do in this world, is it in alignment with my truth and what I meant here to do?" So having an alignment with your audience and having alignment in your life are a very powerful step. And when you can step into that and you are standing in front of an audience, you will actually connect to them heart to heart and intuitively know exactly what to say even if you don't have it scripted out and even if you're not really sure what the next message or the next word is supposed to be. The third step is what I call gratitude, but this is a little different. I say it's called gratitude through trauma, and what does that mean? Well, we all have heard about the positive psychology that goes on today. They've got the Harvard studies that have come out, we've heard of all of the different things around how being grateful for your life actually creates and change an impact. But what does this really have to do with speaking and your message and coaching and working with clients? Well, gratitude through trauma is a little different because it's having gratitude for the things that are not always the greatest, it's having gratitude for what I call the "crap" in life or the things that we don't always wish hadn't happened for us. And I give the example, my latest example was from my life. Back in 2015, I drove back to my old hometown to see my daughter at a track meet, and it was at my old high school. And at that moment, when I drove into that town, it was just a little over a year ago, I drove past the place where I had been raped. And I stopped in the middle of the road and I actually turned off the car, I remember 13 years prior I had drove past that exact same spot. And at the time, 13 years prior, I had eating disorders, I had drug issues, I had all sorts of things going on in my life. And basically, when I drove past that place, I gave it the finger, and I was like, you know, "Screw you," and I was very angry and mad. And then this time, 13 years later, 20 some years after that incident, I drove past and I actually stopped and I had tears in my eyes, and I said thank you. And I truly meant it with my whole heart. I said, "Thank you for this experience because it's the only reason that I have an international organization today that helps with trauma all over the world." And so my gratitude for my own trauma in my life has allowed me to share that story and share stories and part of one of my pivotal points in my life for my masterpiece message is that piece in my life. And the transformation and the healing and the work that I created out of healing myself from that is how I became in alignment and really was able to create impact in the world. And so when you can have gratitude for the things and when you can get to your client to have gratitude for that, say your client has digestive disorders or hormone disorders or they want to lose that weight and they don't have gratitude and love for their body for having that extra 80 pounds on, well, when you can get them to a place where they can truly love themselves and have gratitude for all of those things in their life, and you share your stories about that through them, you will transform their lives, you will stand on that stage and they will have a complete transformation. I've told that story all over the world, and I have actually had people come up afterwards and tell me when I walk them through the process of how to step into this gratitude, how it's actually changed their lives. So gratitude through trauma is something that I believe we all need to step into and have, and it's a process, but once you have it, it will allow you to really create the magic that you want in your life. Step number four is impact. I say impact equals income. The more impact you have, the more income you're going to have. And well, I know that you are here to have a coaching business, not just a coach, I don't mean we would all do this for free if we could, right, 'cause we love it. But you really want to have a great income also. And the way that you create income is you have to create impact. And when you think about impact, what exactly is that? It's like how do you impact somebody else's life and how does that change? I talk about global impact and social responsibility because I believe that there's impact beyond just the clients that you're helping or the clients that you're working with and the ones that you are changing. So you may be working one-to-one with clients, you might also be doing these group programs, you make it to work at corporations doing wellness programs, and all those things, but what you can do beyond just that to create impact? I create impact through my beliefs and help with human trafficking. Because of that, I had the opportunity to work with people all over the world, I've been offered opportunities for Ted Talks, I've been offered opportunities for all sorts of things because I believe in impact and I have given of myself and my business beyond just helping my clients. I have a client that her and her friends get together on a weekend, and they cook food for the local school and they put it into little brown bags and they take it to the school for the kids that don't have enough food. So what is it that you can do that creates impact? That's beyond your business. Something that you can believe in that will take whatever you... Why did you come here? Why did you go to IIN? Why do you want to be a coach? What is it that really at your core that you want to impact on a greater scale? And that could be something small in your community or it could be a worldwide thing. But when you add impact and when you talk about that impact from the stage and you really work with that, it really creates huge, huge transformation for the people that are listening. And I recently spoke at an event where a gentleman came out to me. He says, "I'm widely successful. I'm a millionaire." And he's like, "I've never thought of this before." He says, "I now have to add something new into my life." If you can share those types of things, and every single one of us, if we take one thing and create impact with it, it's going to change the way that this whole world is experienced and our consciousness is changed. And then number five is, what I call, consecrated process which is your content. And that's more than just information. So you have information and information is great, but you want to create something that is sacred, something that is solely part of your heart and your soul and great content. Over give and what will happen is you will create tribe for life. So many people are afraid, "Well, if I give all my content or if I give away so much, nobody will want to work with me or I won't have anything left to give." And the thing is that the more that you give, the more sacred your process is to you and the more content and opportunity you give, the more people are going to want to work with you. So when you have... When you learn how to take your masterpiece messages, like say you have those five pivotal points, you could turn that into five pieces of content that will transform someone's lives. And you take that with that content and you work with the audience, you talk with the audience, you create an alignment with them, you'll have them actually answer and come back to you and work back and forth with you through those content. Don't just deliver it and give information. Actually speak to them and have them ask things back, have them stand up and go through a process, something that you do with your clients when you're on one-to-one with them. Why not try it in a group? Try that content in a different way, don't just list off advice and give things here but really show how you can use this process to really create change. So those five things, masterpiece message, alignment, gratitude through trauma, impact, and content. Five things that will create magic in your life because that what it spells, MAGIC. So you'll never forget your Masterpiece message, Alignment, Gratitude, Impact, and Content. It will change your life. It will help change the lives of your clients. And hopefully, some day, I'll see you on stage changing thousands of people's lives with your message.

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Intuitive Transformational Speaking_Final

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