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4Blogging How To Cross Link Your Blog Posts

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Alright so we jump into my computer here and one of the healthiest things that you can be doing for your blog is cross-linking to other pieces of content on your site. Tt's gonna help out your users and it's going to help out the search engines in terms of your SEO. So in this case I'm writing an article about cold emailing somebody and I know that I've got lots of other content about email marketing and so I'm gonna be looking for places where I can link across to other articles about email marketing. So take a look at the copy here where I got to the section here that's about writing a better email subject line and I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here. I've already got a very good article on my blog about writing better subject lines and I'm going to cross-link to that and show you the trick that I use to make sure that I find the best article to cross-link to. So you can see here, it is you want to have a clear compelling email subject line and I'm gonna wanna link that up. Compelling email subject line. So I'm gonna copy this piece of the sentence here - compelling email subject line and I'm gonna copy that. And I'm gonna go to And I'm gonna type in and then I'm gonna put this keyword in here, compelling email subject line. You can see there's no spaces in here at all okay, except when I get to the keyword and I'm gonna click Google search. Now this is gonna tell Google to find the most relevant article for the term compelling email subject line. And it has picked this one, 10 oddball email subject line formulas. I'm gonna cross link to that because Google already thinks this is the most compelling result. I'm just going to reinforce that by linking to my oddball email subject line post. So here we go, and I'll hightlight that in Wordpress and link it up. So there you go now I've got this article that I'm just now creating on cold emailing somebody and it's you know since I start talking about good email subject lines. I went into Google and I asked them using the site call an operator which is the best article about compelling email subject lines and then I went ahead and cross-linked it so now my users, my readers, they can find a new article on my site about compelling email subject lines and I've also reinforce the fact to Google that that is indeed a good post to be presenting to somebody if they type in the query compelling email subject line.

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