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性偶像 玛丽莲·梦露! '07年亲自上身/通灵! 自揭惊世秘密: 她怎死的

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Marilyn Monroe Hi, this is Marilyn Monroe again and i am speaking to you, from the Dimensions..Once more Oh, there are Many More Interviews Coming: Don't you worry right, so i have come again to Speak to you about: My Death..and to speak to you about well i know i have Mentioned it before but i haven't Yet Specifically gone into it Completely so, i thought, let me Start there so, there are probably so many Conspiracy Theories: about my Death, and.. How i Died and Why i Died? and Who Removed me and..oh god, you know - All Those things but i have got something To Tell you - i Killed Myself (smile) i told you..i had a specific Age Limit, and, i had enough of this World it had gotten Boring, the Men had gotten Boring: the tabloids, the media - i got Tired i had enough Reign had come to it's End. my..How can i say? (hum)...i just had enough so - i removed myself..and that's how i died that's how i decided to Remove myself - from this World of course you'd think it's Crazy..of course you'd think: No..Marilyn would Never do that of course I Would then, if you made such a statement you did not know who i Was, you did not know me At All i would most Definitely Do Such a thing, and you know What? (hmm).. i'll Only come back to Earth..When..we don't Get Old, when we don' t Have to Get Old when we can stay Young into Infinity: Remain the Expression of ourselves that we would wish to be, and just - be that way into Infinity i mean how Wonderful would that be? why would you want to Get Old, and Suffer for the Rest of Your Life? you know you have Fun for 20 years, 25 years.. and then you Suffer for the Rest of the 25, maybe..35, or maybe 45 because you become older and Every Year you are going: oh my god..oh my god, oh my god.. and That becomes as: your Greatest Fear your Greatest Fear - becomes to get Old, then you know What? i just Decided i didn't want to sit with that i just decided that i am Not going to.. Allow myself to sit with that Fear of getting Old, and seeing my Skin got all Wrinkly and...have my time passed Like that (snob)..and Sitting in those Newspapers: Marilyn Monroe - Old, rich..Look how Old Marilyn Monroe has Gotten look at her Wrinkles..look at her Face..what happened? and...i didn't want to become Old, and have someone else Replace me so i thought - you know what? Replace me while i am Here so i thought you know what? let me Remove myself, let me do that Honor for myself i've lived Long Enough, i've done here what i've Come Here to Do i've done what i have Experienced..i've Experienced what i wanted to Experienced so i'll kill myself..and that's what i did Not particularly the Way i Pictured it, but Hey, it was there in the Moment and so i did it..and it was simple..and it was fast..No pain, nothing and i am fine now, i have always been fine i am a big girl. i can take care of myself..and.. as i have said in my previous interview: i had some fun in my Little Heaven - After i Died and..but there is so much more to Tell you there is so much more..there is so much more to Share that is actually going on in this World..and where i am now.. and what i am Up To.. (smile)..what am i Up To? you're probably wondering: what on Earth, would Marilyn Monroe be doing? what on Earth, would Marilyn Expressing in this World? what is she doing? what is she saying Here? well you're going to have to take my word for it..because there is More and now, she only Share More - a Little bit Later (smile).. so, Enjoy..that was my little bit keeping all of you..a Little bit, your chairs, Sitting in Front waiting and Anguished for the Next Interview to Come and my Death isn't really Important, you know. my life on Earth Isn't really Important so let's Remove my life, on Earth..let's Remove my Death let's Remove it - because it's Not Important guess what? i am still Here i still Exist..and i got so Much More to tell you, than my boring Life on Earth..and my boring Death and you will i Continue Why..i Marilyn Monroe..would say that: It was Boring ok..Bye More from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: Jerry Falwel, Albert Einstein, Kryon.

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