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#WeAreLumos Inclusive Education in Moldova

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~ ~ Thinking back to my visit to the orphanage yesterday – it’s not somewhere for children, it’s not somewhere I’d want my children to go. And so it is vitally important that we change the system – we change the world’s way of thinking about orphanages, and start putting children back within their families, within the community, where they should be. Where they’ll thrive, where they’ll flourish, and where they’ll develop to become active and full members of our society. Instead of being shut away in these places, and forgotten about. So this is the Special Education Centre at Ialoveni, funded by the generosity of Lumos donors. - Hello! - Hello! Hello I’m Warwick. - Welcome Warwick, welcome. - Hello nice to meet you. Hello. - Hello, Viorica my name is. - My name is Dana. - Nice to meet you. - Hello. Lovely to meet you. So, tell me about your son? My boy is 12 years old, he has a severe disability. And I take care of him all the time – at home. The doctors told me that the child should be included, a school is needed to work with him. But I asked them, where is that school? Where is it? Just tell me where and I will find it. I will go and find specialists who would work with him. And the doctors would answer me that that was the problem - they did not know of such a school. Dana, what will it mean to you to have your brother be able to go to school and enjoy a life with other children? For me this is a great joy, because in this way he will be included in the society and will become a pupil just like us. And if more schools are opened, I believe they will be included in society too, and it will be different. Yes, I think he will be very happy here. Here he will socialize with more children and will have the opportunity to play with them, interact and he will be consulted by some specialists and I think that his situation will improve. Well I’m so inspired having just met Viorica and Dana, and hearing them talk about Daniel their son, and what they’ve gone through as a family – especially the sacrifices they’ve made to keep Daniel with them, at home. Inclusive education in Moldova has taken a huge step forward with this brand new Special Education Centre. ~

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Posted by: lumos on Oct 24, 2016

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