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Cristiano Ronaldo Interview

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As human beings, we are driven a lot of times by other human beings. What other player or players make you the best you? That's a good question. To mention one, it's hard. But you know, the level that I am it's like any other sports, formula one, or NBA. The best players always follow the best players they want to be in the top of the game because the other ones, they are there You know, you cannot rest or sleep because the other one can pass you Of course we fight with everyone. With Neymar, with Messi, with Lewandowski, with Higuain. You know, with the top of the -- the best players in the world. So, I mean this is not "fighting", but it's it's it's hard, it's healthy. You know comparisons, it's healthy, and we fight, you know, to be the best. This is why it's my main point, it's my motivation. It's to be better than them, than them. Year after year. What makes you feel fulfilled? In football or in everything? All of it. All of it. I care more about the man than I do the game. So what makes you feel fulfilled? Uhh I speak with a-- I have a-- I was yesterday with uh-- with a Peter Li-- Peter Lim, and uh, you know, the owner of Valencia. And he said to me Cristiano the most important thing, I knew it, and everyone knows that. And he said "Cristiano, we have money we have everything, we have fame." And he says "I have millions and billions, but the most important thing is the family. Keep the family healthy, good, and take care of your family because this is the most important thing in the world. Apart of that of course you have your life, your private life, you have your girlfriend. You have uhh your cars your houses your fame. But in the beginning your family is always with you. For the good moments and for the bad moments. A lot of people depend on you whether that's family, guys that work for you, your children, your team. Everybody. The press. The press, yess, the press! They put it-- they put it news about me to sell papers, it's normal. Does that happen a lot? hahaha no its a joke. that doesn't happen very often. I'm joking but-- in same fact it's true. But I know I depend of many people but to be honest if you're thinking too much about that you lost your focus. Which is the most important. You know, my focus is to be a good man and uh to do it my job properly. So this is what I try to do I know many people depend of me but this is the other side of me I try to don't, to don't focus on that because it's important, but for me it's not the most important.

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