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Left the institution still rich Capitalist acting more reckless than Donald Trump is They playing with my money like a dead fish Miss Macsuga needs to give me a curve on every quiz. Had the mind of a dreamer since I was young While this world keeps on mistaking me for a thug They asking me for the juice like it's a drug Your girl keeps coming back to me like I'm the plug Corporations treat me like an enemy They all telling me I'm a liability Just a young'n and trying to come up in the industry Flow so cold that the legends trying to copy me John Stuart Mill ideologies keep inspiring me The way he changes up his finances is surprising me Facilitating all these investments on different levels They stacking up they regime against me but I'm a different rebel. Tell the boys I'm ready for the production rate Getting more attention than Tom Brady's deflate gate I'm always on time boy I'm never late Don't fool yourself in industrialized States There will always be hate shout out to my dogs at HSBC the world's local bank There a large scale transnational business cause of global trade. I don't think these boys really ready for Yo boy on back 2 back rolls u can thank drake for it. Coal and oil started to fossil fuels revolution Greatly increasing energy available for all humans Miss Macsuga stay work'n us like a work horse If Notre Dame won the championship you know they're going to have to work for it This might be my last rodeo Suncoast got a taste for it. They urbanizing my community rapidly we all got hate for it These unsanitary conditions you know we not going to stand for it Finna Form a whole new community you know we gonna need land for it Constantly asking myself what is this thing called life Which class do I want to be in what are my rights Always singing over these instrumentals We all know the economic change was developmental Capitalism And liberalism Is all detrimental The way I serve up these lyrics is very judicial Using big words like your boy a philosopher Watt's steam engine was great that's what we all here The factory system came up labor in a single location causing consequences of Labor specialization All I got in my house is straight flat screen TVs Get with Allstate and be better protected from mayhem like me The method was becoming more common than the outfits Making the industrial production much better profit The second revolution brought even more with them Guess they didn't know how hard the steel was finna hit him Had to change up the patterns of trade and production So they could further integrate the global economy for industrialist They sought raw materials in new markets for the increasing amount of goods So they can know where to park it They were major developments in transportation And communication When capitalism spread you know they was all hating The modern times revolutions was only the beginning But for this rap I'm sad it is the very ending I'm out...

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