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[Nosler UP FRONT JIM SHOCKEY"S Hunting Adventure] Are you kidding me? He's coming right in. He's walking right in, he doesn't even care about us. You got to be kidding. I've never seen this in my life. 42 yards. As soon as he turns— He's got to take a step. As soon as he steps... That was a fawn. Did you see that? What a hunt! Oh, he's beautiful. That is a Saskatchewan buck. Now that is cool. That's a really nice buck Granddad. He is almost 70. [JIM SHOCKEY'S Hunting Adventures] Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures. [Nosler UP FRONT] Presented by Nosler, up front. Hi, I'm Jim Shockey and welcome to the show. How many times have you spotted the animal you want to go after, did everything right, made a perfect plan and when you got to where the animal was, it wasn't, it was gone. For me, that's most times when I make a stalk which brings me around to today's hunt. How many times have you spotted the animal you want to go after, did everything wrong, made a horrible lazy plan, and got down there and the animal, for whatever reason— Oh, never mind, you'll have to watch today's show. We're headed up to the Yukon to go after mountain caribou with a bow and arrow. This is one of the rarest days you'll ever get up here in the Yukon. This perfect, calm, cold weather. There's times up here where I've hunted for a month straight and had rain every single day. So to get a bluebird day like this— Crisp, perfect for animals to move. I mean, they're all dressed up in their winter clothes by now right? So if it's too hot, too rainy, too yuck, they don't move. They sit tight. If it's crisp and cool like this, they can move. They're happy, they're just like human beings. So you'll see more animals on a day like today by far than crappy weather days. Already this morning I've seen 13 cows down at the far end, way down there. As the weather starts to cool down, they all start migrating out of the high country. It's just—it's a hunter's day. You can see your breath. Just a bare hint of a breeze. This is a hunter's day. We're gearing up to go caribou hunting today. It's so cool to be heading up to spike camp with my dad because that's the place that he talks about. My whole life he's told me about and showed me photos and every time he comes back every year, way before I was even coming out hunting with him, he would talk about spike camp and living like bush pigs. He'd write articles about it and now this time of year, for the last few years, I've got to come with him. We get to go out there for, last year it was five days, this year it could be ten. It's going to be a long time to be sharing a bunk with my dad. We just got here to spike camp. It was about 4 hours from base camp to here ARGO-ing. We're setting up camp right now. We're making the final decisions and then we're going to head out. And we have my Arctic Oven my dad and I are sleeping in and it's awesome! It's already warm and we're not going to get wet which spike camp is great but when you wake up soaking wet, it's not so great. But with an Arctic Oven, you're not going to wake up soaking wet. So I am very, very, very happy. [PRIMOS HUNTING SPEAK THE LANGUAGE] Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures is brought to you by Primos— speak the language; [LEUPOLD] Leupold, America's optics authority; Stealth Cam, keeping you ahead of the game; [STEALTH CAM Digital Scouting Cameras] [YETI] Yeti coolers, built for the wild; Site Lite, there is no comparison; [SITE LITE MAG LASER MAG LASER BORE] [THOMPSON/CENTER America's Master Gunmaker, ARGO] and by Thompson Center Arms, and ARGO.

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