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Yo Depredador - El Guepardo - HD Documental Documentales

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For millions of years, the fastest animal on the planet;

the cheetah

has always focused on the antelope as it’s target

But evolution has gifted the antelope

with an arsenal of defense tactics

that give it the possibility of escaping.

To survive, this cheetah has developed

other weapons besides her speed.

It is a battle of biomechanics,

as science determines who prevails

in one of the most intense encounters of nature,

seen through the eyes of...

“I, Predator”

The cheetah and the antelope are a perfect match

in the “hunter-prey” pairing

because despite the cheetah’s speed,

reaching 120 km/h,

some members in the antelope family,

such as the gazelle or the impala

are almost as fast,

reaching speeds of 95 km/h.

Speed alone does not guarantee this cheetah mother

with the necessary food to survive.

It is her incredible explosive acceleration

that makes her one of the best predators in Africa.

Allowing her to catch half the animals she preys on.

She starts out with lightning speed,

and goes from 0 to 95 km/h

in less than 3 seconds.

The acceleration is greater than that

of an aeroplane engine.

The secret to her explosive acceleration

is her vertebral spine; perfectly designed.

Sixty percent of her muscle mass

runs along the length of her spine.

Her spine expands and contracts

with such force,

it adds 75 cm to her every stride,

giving her the power to cover 8 meters in just one leap.

The race takes place at an astounding 31 m/s,

but she never loses sight of her target.

As she accelerates, the advantage the antelope seemed to have over her


But for this female cheetah,

the work is all but done.

Her body is so efficiently designed for speed

she cannot give the antelope a deadly bite like the lion.

Her aerodynamic skull,

leaves no space for powerful teeth or muscular jaws.

“The only way the cheetah can kill her prey,

is by strangulation,

by holding onto the throat of her victim.”

She then wrings the neck of the antelope.

She closes her own throat

for nearly 10 minutes.

As she reduces the antelope’s oxygen supply,

she increases her own

Breathing deeply through her nasal cavity

to recover from the colossal effort

her 120 km/s sprint took.

Yet she cannot allow herself to rest any longer.

“Her prey may weigh as much as her,

but she has to get out of there fast.

She cannot eat her meal in plain sight.

She has to take her food to a safe place as soon as possible

before she attracts the attention of other predators.”

With nothing but her teeth,

she must drag the 30 kg body to a place

hidden under a tree.

“She has to stop for a moment and catch her breath.

She must rest anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes

to fully regain her normal heart beat.”

Being the fastest-moving animal on land

certainly entails considerable wear and tear on her body.

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Yo Depredador - El Guepardo - HD Documental Documentales

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