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Little Girl who Loves to Study - Brielle

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ok, so you're three years old and you know the whole periodic table How did you learn- when did you start learning all that? uh... How old were you? Three years old You're three years old now! When did she start getting interested in this? We actually got flashcards for her in April. So it's been about six months or so Yea, we hardly ever spend time doing it She can learn just so quickly What else do you like to learn about? I know all my states and capitals and... I also know The periodic table of valence and... I know all my countries in Europe AND Africa and also, the presidents! You're making me feel bad about myself So the presidents too, who's your favorite president? Barack Obama, because... (audience being annoying) He was president when I was born! What is this? K, potassium You want to tell me some facts about that? Yes... It's in bananas and that's why you eat your bananas and also, helps our nerves function That's what sends our brain information to our... MUSCLES! What is this? Phosphorus They all look alike to me... I don't know what... and what is phosphorus, tell me about that. It's a chameleon... Why is that? And that means it can be different colors like black or white when it's white, it catches fire in the air and also burns underwater Isn't that crazy? And this is? Strontium It's found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa and if you had a map I could show you! ... I still wouldn't know what... How do you remember- You're three years old, how do you remember all this? My new brain just remembers!

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Posted by: ampu92 on May 31, 2018

A little girl who is intrigued and inspired by the world around her and knows the best way to understand it is through studying!

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