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MyKabbalah Lesson 2 mission 4 Engsmall

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Tikkun Workshop First of all, good job! I'm sure you are working really hard so far. Up until now, you've been practising how to apply the proactive formula. Don't worry if you don't always get it right it's a muscle that we are building. Just keep trying. Whenever those challenges appear, one, to pause, and apply the proactive formula. and number two, start observing those repetitive patterns. Now, the best thing is if you can identify one challenge and let's work on that. We are going to do a workshop now, to help us learn how to begin analysing, detecting, what is the design beneath that challenge? You'll find attached the pdf, and I'm going to ask you to pause the video for a moment, and download it, and we will look at the questions together. Download the PDF Ok great! So, you'll see in this PDF it asks you to identify the various pieces of the puzzle. Take that one challenge that you have identified, and begin filling out the questions, it will ask you, for example, who are the main actors? Who are the people involved in this situation? In this difficult challenge or painful event? Where is the situation taking place? What is the actual issue? How are you feeling about the issue? What are the triggers? As much as you can, write down the different components. At the bottom of the PDF, it asks you, why has your soul asked for this challenge? Don't fill it up, leave that blank. We are going to do a meditation in the next mission, that is going to help you receive those answers from the soul. But, before I leave you to this workshop, I just want to remind you, that this is not about judging ourselves. Remember, that the Tikkun is what all of our souls have asked to come here for, it's our opportunity to, not only solve problems, but connect to a deeper sense of fulfilment, to be more like the Light. So approach this with responsibility, but with an open heart, excited. Yes, it may be difficult, yes it's challenging, but wow, what an opportunity I have now. And, I'm going to start taking the pieces of the puzzle, so I can see the whole picture. Please share your insights, your reflections, some of your answers with the community chat. By sharing it, not only do I understand it on a deeper level, but I open myself up to receive and I can confront myself with others and be proactive with them, and opening myself to a deeper level. So, see you in the next mission with the meditation.

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