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Dušan Lazić - Vojka, Serbia - Serbian (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~14:47:25 - 15:20:30

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Easter. Dule, do you know how he pictured it, down there, in the bathroom? - Do you know the layout? - No. - Well... - Well, what can it be? It can't be... He can’t put a Jacuzzi there. - You know what? - Straight on the left there can be a standing bath. - What kind of a bathtub? - A standing one. – What’s that? – Why a bathtub? - Just like the one at Mika and Mira’s. - What for? - Like a niche? - And there can be some kind of barrier. - Curtain? - Or curtain, or something. And right next to it, there’s a place for a washing machine. - Hmm. It is wide enough only for the one opening on the top, not for the regular one. - What? - Not the regular one? - No. - And why not? Says who? - That man took the measure. - Hmm... - It can, it can... - - I don’t need that bath. - We do. - It’s better when there is one. It’s better when there is one. - So I wouldn't spill all over the bathroom. - And how come I don’t have it in Banat? - The bathroom is big, and you don’t have a washing machine. - It’s better when there is one. - Yes... Ljubinko.. He says the standing bath... - Here on the right, that is straight ahead, right? - The toilet. And the washbasin next to the toilet. - Yes, yes. And this is straight ahead. - Yes, yes. - It makes sense. When you open the door, there is a washbasin. - Straight to the washbasin. - That’s right, that’s right. - You open the door this way. - And he showed me that the toilet would be opposite the door. Which isn’t right. - No, not in the corner, definitely. Like this, to the right. (incomprehensible speech) - This liver is somewhat bitter. - It’s not to me. - Pass me some of that fish, will you? Would you like some? - No. - Just a little… - I’ve already had some. - A little... - It’s delicious. - It is really tasty. Come on, have some…OK, you don't have to... Here you go, mum. - Dule, your future cousin-in-law...said hi. - Which one? - Ljilja's sister. The one who is married to Bane. Verica. (incomprehensible speech) - Would you like some juice? - OK. - There’s no honey left now. - I know. We need a refill. We need to see if there are any plastic jars left. - Why? - To pour it in them. - A? - To pour some in them. - Maybe there are some in that lower cupboard. I think there are some plastic ones. - No, not like those Dule’s… - Why didn't you buy it? - Well... If they are in the house we should get them. - Eat that salad. - Pour me some. - Dule... See that? That’s… There is wax in there, in that linden honey. It, it remains. - As though it wasn’t... extracted properly. Like… - No… It’s crystallizing... - No, see... - OK. It started crystallizing. Is that what you mean?- Yes, but why does the wax stay? And... - There is no wax. There’s not a chance... There's not a chance. It would emerge anyway. It would be in the jar. Do get it? Everything... impure would emerge... Then you can collected from the surface. And... - When Dragana is coming? - Ha? - For Vrbica? - Hmm. - I’m going to wash it and get some rest in the armchair. At least a couple of minutes. - Who is it? - Aska. - Aska, out. - Hey Buka, turn off the radio. (TV in the background) - They destroyed all our bridges. (TV:) … but I am afraid the Serbian history shows us that it always ends that way. Regardless of the economic problems, the city authority won’t give up on ongoing projects, bridges, kindergartens, but also helping different categories of citizens, like the poorest, pensioners and the pregnant women. Vojislav Kostunica, the president of DSS, asked… - Why are the pregnant women poor? (TV news:) - Serbian government is completely incapable of leading the economic politics, therefore the industry is deteriorating more and more, Kostunica said. The vice president of the radical party, Dragan Todorovic, also asked for the elections. He says that pre-term elections would be a burden for the budget of the Republic but that they still are the best solution for the country’s accumulated problems. And the LDP leader, Cedomir Jovanovic, said that his party is always ready for the elections, and that although they are a bad solution in the period of crisis, they’re not the worse. Jovanovic said that the elections have to be the solution to the problems Serbia is faced with, and not to lead to its deterioration. Although everyone in Kragujevac is more or less affected by the crisis, the most worried are the businessmen. According to an assessment by the leading town expert for economy, Vlada Vuckovic, only 40% of businesses in Kragujevac have positive outcome. Construction companies are also facing great difficulties in the field of apartment construction, where the demand is half what it was the last year. However, the average townspeople are dealing with calculating how to earn enough for basic necessities with minimal wages. - This time last year, the Kragujevac economy was in full swing. However, things are quite different nowadays. In the local government they estimate that 30% of Kragujevac companies went bankrupt, 30% are covering their expenses, while only 40% of the companies make profit. - Some investments are ongoing, some are not, but all in all we can say that the situation is not critical yet. The first significant step forward will be when Fiat and Lada invest their funds and officially establish Fiat Company in the Serbia. It will be the first significant step forward. It will be, practically, the new beginning. - The job deal with Fiat was expected to be the trigger for the development of Kragujevac industry. However, this is unlikely to happen until next year. The delay of this arrangement had a partial effect on the demand for apartments which last year was of large proportions. - The demand has fallen by 50% with respect to last year. However, when it comes to the real estate prices, their reduction depends on the investor. When it comes to my company, we take off 10% at most. - Last spring, everyone in Kragujevac spoke about the apartment purchases. Now they’re waiting for a supermarket for the destitute to open. Their number in Kragujevac is estimated at about thirty thousand. - All the people using one-off assistance provided by Social Work Center or if their monthly incomes don’t exceed thirty thousand dinars per family will be able to use this kind of credit, so to call it. That is, this kind of social care is intended for the most socially vulnerable. - The townspeople from Kragujevac also confirm that the crisis arrived long ago. - If I told you this is my last 35 dinars till the 10th, I don’t know if anyone would believe. I wish I could trade my 16500 dinars pension with someone from the government to see what that good life is like. - The crisis is the most serious in Kragujevac. - It’s expensive, the wages are small and the prices high. It's horible. Don't ask... - 16500 dinars? (TV: - Horrible!) - 16, yes. (incomprehensible speech) - Who knows what her job was! And for how many years? And, yes, if she had worked at all… (TV:) The crisis is felt in the town’s register, too. However, the mayor says that it will be overcome in June. In the meantime, we are left with hope that the Fiat deal will advance, which would lead to stabilization of the economic situation in Kragujevac. - A company for the production of meat products, Juhor, has fired 15 and soon is to fire 50 more employees, according to the Independent Union Board of Jagodina. The Jagodina union president, Miroslav Gajic said that there was a deal with the employer to stop the dismissals. In Juhor, they claim that only season workers, temporarily employed, have been fired and the workers got compensation payment at the amount of 150 to 200 euros per each employment year. Since the end of 2004, Juhor has been a part of Delta Company, which bought 74% shares of the liquidated Jugobanka. In Susica village, 3km from Gracanica, the Serbs and the Albanians live together. Despite the differences and everything that has happened in Kosovo, they live in their village, one next to the other, and they claim to be on friendly terms. - One hundred and ten Serbian and fifty Albanian families live in Susica. Every communication among them was cut by the war events. Ten years later, common problems forced the two communities from the village to speak again. - We’ve realized, both the Serbs and the Albanians, that we need to work together on solving the village’s problems in order to live better lives and make it possible for our children to live in better conditions than those that existed before. This means solving everyday problems and to leave politics aside. Unemployment, lack of drinking water, bad roads are all common problems for the Serbs and the Albanians from Susica. The Serbs are not a problem to the Albanians, they hope for greater help from the Kosovo institutions for the members of this community. - I think that international relations in Susica are the best in all of Kosovo. But I feel this is not taken to consideration seriously enough and it seems to me that out of spite there are no investments in Susica, because we live together and without any problems. - Both Serbians and Albanians live off agriculture. They cultivate land and help each others when the field work is at risk. - If a Serb doesn’t come to help me, an Albanian does. Mainly, only the Albanian has a harvester, he'll do the harvesting for me. An Albanian ploughs my field. As I said, we don’t have any problems with them. - The residents of Susica point out than in the past ten years, not a family has moved away. On the contrary, the Serbs are building new houses. - The Albanians build the houses here. The Albanians built my house. And why? Because they charge less. They charge less, that is why I arranged that they do my house. - Both Serbs and Albanians say that they have to leave behind all unpleasant past events if they want a better future for their village and their children. - The Roma population in Serbia has been living in poverty, low hygiene conditions with basic nutrition for generations now. In Smederevska Palanka, they are trying to change this by organizing preschool education for twenty Roma children as a basis for a new life. - According to unofficial data, in the Smederevska Palanka municipality live more than two thousand Roma. 40% of the children born in 2002 and 2003 out of this number are not included in the mandatory preschool education. - I love it here! We play and study here. (children laughing and talking) It’s nice and everything is great. - Through the project “Including the Roma children in the preschool institution Cika Jova Zmaj” the preschool education will get twenty children five to six years old. - I’m satisfied with him. The kindergarten teacher also says he’s good, active, he wants to draw, write. When they have homework, he does it at home. I help him and so does his dad. We’re all with him. I think he’s ready for first grade. - Including the Roma children in preschool institutions implies regular daily care, individual meetings with the parents and visits to the families. A part of the education is done through workshops in which Roma and non-Roma children and their parents take an active part in. - The other children have accepted them, they’re playing together, I don’t see any difference between them. - The cost of the project- worth 960 000 dinars- is covered by the municipality Smederevska Palanka and the project is supported by the centre for social work and the Team for the Sustainable Development of the UN. Regarding the Roma children and the effects this will have on their lives, we will get new young Roma who will be accepted in the community, easier and without discrimination. - The evening school for Roma without basic education is the next project that, in the aim of integration of the Roma into the social community, will be supported by the municipality Smederevska Palanka. - One policeman was severely wounded in a shooting at the gas station “Minute” on the Belgrade-Novi Sad highway. On this occasion, one more person was wounded who, with three accomplices, robbed a jewellery shop in Zrenjanin. The police chased them after the robbery and the conflict happened at the gas station. The robbers started firing first at the highway patrol policeman who fired back. After the shooting, he was severely wounded in the chest. He was then transferred to the Novi Sad ER and, according to our sources, he is undergoing surgery. The police are tracing other members of the group who managed to escape. - Buka... I’m going to the backyard now. - Why? Aska, out! And stay! -Why? - To mow the lawn. -I’m going to wash the dishes. Ouch. It’s warm. It’s such a lovely day! - Aha. - You’re going? - It's four thirty now... I need approximately an hour and a half to finish it. -Are you going to mow the whole backyard? - Well, I don’t know about that… Not the whole... Just the part around here. - And then we’re going to take a nap? - We could. Or we could go to grandma Seka. (incomprehensible speech) (TV show about traffic) - I’m going to wash the dishes. What’s that rubbish? That’s Lalovic! (laughter) - This is horrible. - Yes, it is... And our dog is so smart! - Aska... She gets everything. She only can’t speak. (incomprehensible speech) - I’m going… - Do you need help? - Where are my old sneakers? Adidas? Check in the closet, Dule. Or there somewhere. Look around... - I don’t know, they were here this morning... and I wouldn’t like to make these green with grass. - Well, I don’t know. Look outside. - Oh, here they are! Good. - No, no, no… no... Aska, are we going to mow the lawn? Are we? (dog barking) Yes, we are! Yes, we are! Yes, we are! Yes, we are! Alright Aska, it’s ok! Go open the door. Let’s go, let’s go. Let's go. Come on, come on. Let's go. Just grab my hat. Let’s go Aska. Let's go... Come on. (dog barking) (incomprehensible speech) (lawn mower humming) No!

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