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Water is the basis of life and only a tiny share of the water on earth is fresh and renewed by the watercycle . If you took all the water in the world and you put it into a gallon jug, less than 1 teaspoon would be available(disponible) to us. We are overusing it, we are overtapping rivers and we are overpumping groundwater We live in a time in history where over 1 billion people don't have access to safe drinkingwater, and over 3 billion people have no access to sanitation (sanejament, clavegueres,tuberies) Water is a glocal issue (assumpte), but it is also a very local issue. We forget that we live in the hydrosphere and that all our water resources are connected, Water that runs in the Ganges could also end up in the Hudson River Or could fall over the plains of Africa, or could make a cup of tea in the queen's palace. To support the average American lifestyle today It takes about twice the global average(mitjana) The great American lawn is a great example of one of the ways we take water for granted(garantitzat) we can't continue to flood our water. Agriculture is something that we really need to give thought to ( think about) 70% of all the water we extract from rivers, lakes, and aquifers goes to irrigated agriculture. To some extent, we are using some of tomorrows water to meet today's food demand. large number of people I talked to, when they learned that the Colorado , the mighty force of nature, no longer reaches the sea, There is a look of shock in people's faces. and the Delta literally runs dry. We are using and abusing water resources in ways that are completely unsustainable. And unless we think about it that way, and we start taking action at an individual level.. Then I don't really see how we willl be able to overcome so many of the issues (assumptes, reptes) That we are going to be faced with in the next 50 years. and this is OUR time in history to do something about it.

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Posted by: anamariagarcia on Oct 22, 2011


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