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Mingmar Lama - Tsum Valley, Nepal - Nepali (Global Lives Project, 2013) 13:30:00 - 13:59:59

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Where are you going Buchung? Mushroom must be small like this. Nyudup!...Nyudup! Can you ask Rinzin if we can eat... together with those group? Hey! Come have some snacks! Oh! My good friend!—Don't feel shy. Come Wangmo! Open that bag. That is bitten rice. Where did you go yesterday? Want some water? I think you lazy guys didn't find. These snacks looks something else! Where you here yesterday? I was down there yesterday. Today is my last day here. Come sit here.—Cameraman looks like Tsumpa. Yes, He's Rinzin. Sit closer. —I will sit behind. Kid, sit here. Shall I put the spices?—Yes, It'll taste good. Don't throw these plastics. Even if I didn't find Yartsa, lets enjoy the snacks. I will die tomorrow for surely if not today. Someone is selling Rum.—Really? I think it's finished.—I don't think so. What is that empty thing? I want to offer to god. Pray God to find twenty thirty Yartsa. Half of the day is over how can... you get 20...30 Yartsa? You can easily find while staring at gals. I found five Yartsa while walking! If you don't believe then I'll show. Let's thank H.H Dalia Lama for this food. You look funny when you say woooh! Have some. I pray to get any kind of Yartsa. Doesn't matter if it's bad one. Give some to your brother.— I didn't like the hailstone.—Right, today it snowed for no reason. This place must be dirty.—Because of dog's shit and our shit. Dog shit near our lunch place! He told me that I didn't find Yartsa. I didn't see you going. Where did you go from? But I saw you guys going in a group. It's so boring to come pick here from other side. I just found one on that side.—But I can find about 15-20 Yartsa. Did you find this season?—Yes, few days ago. I don't find that there. I don't like Tsegya.—Are any gals?—No gals also. There might be one gal. Does the shoes fit you?—It does. Did you send other one?—Yes. Amen! This is wheat.—No, it's barley. Do you close your tent when you leave? I hope Yartsa crawls into my pocket.— Magic pocket. Trousers are turn part and my knees are aching. If Yartsa gets into pocket with magic then it's not Yartsa. All we care is money. Better if money gets into the pocket. Without picking Yartsa?—Yes! Don't dream.—How nice if Yartsa crawls into our tent while we are sleeping. This taste good. There's no much Yartsa.—It's so strange this year. Last year there was lot this time. It's because of repetitive of two eight months. Where do you go at Drupot?— Pretty much near the cliff. It's not that much available. I just found couple. How are the Mushroom? How much did you find Tsewang? You found only one?—I didn't find any. You don't have to worry. You don't have wife and kids. We two have to find more. Yes, you have to look after two people. Let's move! Andrew has the water. It's not good to drink in the day. I had whole bottle yesterday. I just had one earlier.—My eyes hurt if I drink. What are you guys talking about? You there are staring at each other. What are you trying to say? Do you mean that you have good sight? Soon you are going to marry. Why are you laughing at me?—He made me laugh. No water is clearer than ocean. Why are we so desperately hiding our love for the gals? Just like Muslims. If that's so then we have to make rules. I don't like some disturbing my affair. We have our rights! Does it mean that we have to stop making babies? I will light it. I couldn't do. Guys let's look for Yartsa now. Mingmar, are you able to find in the snow? I don't want. I'll try to find one. Are you sure? Come down Wangmo. I'll give you something. I have something for you just like last time. Do you have it? Take one from here, OK. Go further. Did you get it? I found it! Move...move. **** I didn't find any! How many did you find?

Video Details

Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: Nepal
Language: Nepali
Producer: Rinzin Lama
Views: 85
Posted by: globallives on Nov 7, 2013

Mingmar looks for catepillar fungus in the mountains. He finds more fungus and takes a lunch break with other harvesters.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Mingmar Lama.

This video was produced by Rinzin Lama, Andrew Mahlstedt, Dawa Yakpa, Yog Shakya, Tenzin Norbu, Ravi Shrestha, Karma Ghale, Santa Bahadur Tamang, Arjun Magar, Tenzin Norbu, Thepe Tamang, Maila Tamang, Santosh, Jit Bahadur Gurung, and Kancha Tamang.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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