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MyLOK Secure Password Management Flash Drive UnBoxing Video Demo

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My name is Rich, and I just got this MyLok device from the company ii2P. What it seems to be is a password manager and let's go ahead and open it, and see what I've got. Alright, right away, I'm getting a really awesome vibe off of this, this has got nice artwork, it looks like a really cool box. Everywhere around it, it seems to be "password protection," "secure storage," stuff like that. It's just a really cool box, and, mine has 8 gigs 'cause I ordered it early, Usually you're going to get about 4. That's what it's going to come with. And, I've got about 20 passwords. That's quite a lot to me I can't remember all of them. and I really wanted to try this out new product, go for it. Let's go ahead and open this up. See this front flap here and we get our first visual look at the actual MyLok device It's a USB token it looks pretty slick. It's got a gunmetal gray on it and a little bit of a texture right there. Right here, we've got kind of a information flap It says: "MyLok is a smart chip-based" "easy to use, highly secure" "completely portable password management solution." EASY RELIABLE and SECURE What I notice here is, it says "To activate your MyLok, go to" Alright, so let's go ahead and open this box. We're going to tear it back here... The flap opens just like this. Looks like we've got it right here with the papers and all. Let's go ahead and take this out. I'm going to set the box down, so we can examine these papers. What this looks like is a quick install guide. Looks like it's got all the stats that I need to go ahead and use my MyLok device. (let's go over that later) (when we actually open the device) And, the other paper is a "Terms and Conditions." So let's go ahead and get out the USB. Alright, and here's the actual USB It's kind of heavy, it's got a nice feel to it. Looks like they've got their logo right there, and, "MyLok." Let's go ahead and slide this out. (it's got a little slide) Just like that. I mean, I like the feel to it and, It's really neat - it just looks cool. So, what we're going to do is go ahead and use this quick install guide and put it in my PC. And right here it says recommended pre-installation guides: You must be connected to the internet, and all our windows need to be updated. And, we need to record our serial number before installation. (located on the back) I'm just going to write it on my quick install guide 'cause I'm going to have it right here with me Okay, now I have my serial number I'm going to go ahead and insert the device. And it says a blue light will come on if it is inserted correctly and it looks like this blue light has come on. And we're going to go ahead and check my computer And, if you see here, it created it's own drive letter. So I'm going to go ahead and click into it. Now we're moving onto the back of the quick install guide. It says to open to view files and click on the MYLOK PERSONAL EXECUTIVE JOB. So let's go ahead and do that. It looks like it's loading, and the next step also says that we are going to INITIALIZE THE DEVICE. We have this little window (down here) that says the MyLok manager is running and to double-click on the "lock" icon. And the picture on the quick install guide is the same as the one here. Okay Now, we see here the token serial number (which I wrote down on the front of my quick install) I'm going to go ahead and enter that. And it prompts you to enter your SECURITY QUESTIONS. Looks like you make up your own question and your own answer. So I'm going to go ahead and do that. (there's also a second security question) Now, it asked me to enter a PIN. (I'm assuming that's how you get into the device) I'm going to go ahead and enter my pin. And we'll go ahead and confirm this. A box appears that says that registration was successfully completed. And it prompts me for my PIN. Alright, we have our first look at the MyLok homepage here. And, on the left here, we have a couple tabs, displaying IDENTITIES DESKTOP APPLICATION WEB LOGON CONFIGURATION HELP and FEEDBACK. Alright, so let's go ahead and see if this works. and get a password saved. I'm going to go ahead and use Mozilla Firefox for this. Okay, right away I notice in the top right-hand corner, we have a new icon. It's right next to my home button, it looks just like the lock that they used in my system tray. It's got a purple background around it. Let's go ahead and click that. Alright, it looks like we have BOOK MARKS here, we're going to go ahead and see if we can't register a credential, but they also have REGISTER SPLIT CREDENTIAL AUTO LOG-IN and then SET NEW PASSWORD, And they also have ON LINE HELP. Those could probably be very useful. Let's go into Facebook and see if we can't store a credential. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and type in my password. I'm going to go back to this button in the top right-hand corner. and I'm going to go ahead and click on "REGISTER CREDENTIAL." Alright, it pops up with a box here that looks like you can NAME YOUR PROFILE ADD IT TO BOOKMARKS and GIVE IT A TITLE. Let's go ahead and save this. It's going to automatically add it to my bookmarks. And I noticed over here that the MyLok device blinks the blue light and that looks like it's working properly. and saving the credential when I do that. So, let's go back into Google. I want to try this auto-log on feature. (right here) We're going to click that and let's go ahead back to Facebook. See what happens. And it looks like it automatically logged me in which is really awesome and it looks like it successfully stored my password. Everything works. If you want to order one of these, I got mine off of It's pretty awesome of what I can tell. and that concludes our unboxing video, so I hope y'all enjoyed. See you later.

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MyLok is made by ii2P and there's more information on their website. Ii2P says it uses a MULTOS smart chip which they call the most secure smart chip in the world.

MyLok works on PC's with Internet Explorer or Firebox browsers. A press release on the ii2P website says a version for Mac and Google Chrome is in the works.

There's also a MyLok for business that actually looks cooler than the one for we average Joe consumers.

I hope this unboxing video has been helpful for you. My friend shot it with two Canon 5D HDSLR cameras.

I purchased my device at

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