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Can You Enlighten an Animal? (Part 1) Sadhguru

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Now The question is, 'Can you enlighten an animal?' Hmm? That's Valma's question Why, you have a pet or are you talking about yourself? No, is it a pet that you love very much or you... If you say so If you say so, how can we deny it if you say so? Man is not just an animal If he loses his awareness, he can be worse than an animal, isn't it? Hm? Not just an animal He can be much worse than an animal, isn't it so? But if he becomes aware, he can become more beautiful than a God Both are right here for him What he makes of himself is also his choice, isn't it? Yes? This moment, whether you behave like an animal or not, is it not your choice? It definitely is So if you are right now in an animal state, can we enlighten you? I think what you need is not enlightenment What you need is evolution Yes? Isn't it so? If you are behaving like an animal, what you need is evolution, not enlightenment, isn't it? Because what you call as enlightenment is a peak that a human being can attain It is a peak of humanity When I say humanity, do not think in terms of love, compassion, this, that It's much more than that It's the very peak that a human being can attain to So if still animal nature has not gone out of you, first you have to work on your evolution Before you work upon enlightenment, isn't it? If you're talking about taking your pet with you like Dharmalia did You know, Dharmalia took his dog with him? Dog lovers have been active for a long time, see? Dharmalia is not a dog lover. It's just that he has indiscriminate compassion, that's all And compassion is always indiscriminate If there is discrimination, then it is not compassion If there is discrimination, it's called passion Passion is focused in a particular direction When there is an all inclusive passion, you call it compassion Compassion is not kindness Compassion is not behaving in a particular way It is just that your passion has become indiscriminate You're passionate about everything Not any particular thing You're just passionate about anything and everything that is there around you If you breathe, you breathe passionately, if your heart beats, you beat passionately If you eat, you eat passionately. Whatever you do, you do with absolute passion Now you are compassionate Nothing escapes the focus of your passion, then you are compassionate If you are compassionate, can you enlighten an animal? There have been real events like that in the world Generally it is not possible but when an animal is of a certain composure, sometimes it has happened You've heard of Ramana maharishi? Ramana gave mukthi to a crow and a cow In the Indian way of life, a snake, a crow and a cow are considered important because in the evolutionary scale of the body a monkey is very close to you but in the evolutionary process of the inner being a snake and a cow and a crow are very close to you This is the reason when we make the offerings for the dead you always make it to either the crow or the cow Snake, you don't want to handle

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about awareness in animals and if there are any similarities between animals and man. (AO48-Part1)

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