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ppts' presentation

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the materials are concrate and glass plates details: 24 floors and 320 rooms. Toyo Ito. He was born in Japan on 1941 study in Toquio National University A words: RIBA gold medal, gold medal of Fines Arts and gold medal japanese award. major works: Ginza 2 Mikimoto building, new library for the Tama University, expassion of the Fira in Barcelona, Suites Avenue building in Barcelona and tower Fira building in Barcelona. THAT'S IT. Hello, my name is Toni My building is the Gas Natural Company Tower The tower is localed in Barcelona Between Papaseit Street and Pinzon Street The building has got two parts: A glass of tower and another perpendicular. The building was built in 2005. One part it's belongs to Colonial and the other part it's belongs to Gas Natural. It's been designed by Enric Miralles. He was born in Barcelona in 1955. He died in 2000. He estudied in the Polytechnic University of Catalunya He makes lots of buildings: The control tower of the airport of Alicante The Edimburg Scottish Parliament. Modern art Museum of Helsinki. The bridge for Nestlé. Hello! My name is Franco and my favourite building is The Hotel W Barcelona. It was built in 2009. It’s located in the port of Barcelona. W Barcelona has direct access to the beach to the entrance of the famous promenade of La Barceloneta. Is a building that reaches the 99m of height. His height provided was 170m, however, the city council forced the architect to modify the project to not alter the shape of Barcelona, to be crowned by Hotel Arts and Torre Mapfre The owners are Starwood Hotels and Resorts. The hotel, 5 star deluxe have various additional facilities can be visited, they are not very expensive. Besides, it’s facade is for glass reflective. It’s been designed by Ricardo Bofill Levi He’s a Spanish architect. He was born in Barcelona, December 5, 1939. His father was an architect and builder. He studied at French Lyceum, School of Top Technology of Architecture of Barcelona and in the University of Geneva. In 1985 he was elected an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects. Bofill is one of the leading representatives of the postmodern style of contemporary architecture. Bofill has made great works for example: The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. It is located in Barcelona,in the Arts Square, opposite the Auditorium and close to the Plaça de les Glòries. The official opening of the National Theatre of Catalonia took place on 11 September 1997. It has three rooms suitable for performances. Is one of the most important cultural institutions in Catalonia. The Red Wall in calpe (Alicante), is a building designed by Ricardo Bofill Leví, located in the La Manzanera. It is a clear reference to the popular Mediterranean and Arabic architecture. It's composition corresponds to a geometric plan based on a type of Greek cross that are collected in various ways, leaving the service towers at the intersection of the crosses. Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid was designed by Ricardo Bofill Levi and opened in 1993. At present is managed by Empresa Municipal Campo de las Naciones and is located in the Campo de las Naciones next to the IFEMA. My name is Lucero. I'm from Peru. I'm 14 years old. My favourite building is Media Pro. Media Pro it was built in 2005. It's located avenue Diangonal [email protected] In Barcelona. The building is very modern and big I'ts been designed by Carles Ferrater, Patrick Genard and Xavier Marti. Carles Ferrater was born in Barcelona in 1944. In 1971 title obtaned architect from the school of Architect of Barcelona on January. In 2000 he joined as associate architect in the study the Lucia Xavier and Marti Ferrater. More buildings Roca Barcelona Gallery. It was built in 2008. It's located in Barcelona. Is a private area. Hotel Rey Juan Carlos 1. It's located the avenue Diangonal in Barcelona. It is a five stars hotel. Barcelona Botanical Intitute. It was built beteween 2001 and 2002. It's located top the garden Botanical of Barcelona. Edifio Vertex It was built between 2003 and 2007. It's located in Barcelona. It is a 68 story housing. Hotel Mandarin It was built between 2009 and 2010. It's located Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. And that's it. Hello, my name is Elina and this is my favorite architect Dominique Perrault Dominique Perrault was born in 1953 and he is a french architect. He recived the diplom in architecture in Paris in 1978. He became very famous for design of the French National Library He currently have Dominique Perrault architect agency in Paris. In 2000 he opened the study in Luxemburg. And he complete the Cort of Justicy in Edinburgh. The most important and famous building is the Library France in Paris. Hi, My name's Pablo Ortiz and I will show my work of architecture in barcelona. Sorry. There is a problem with the photo and we can't see it, but I made it of the Gold Fish, you can find it in internet. Baisc information about the Gold Fish: it's an sculpture; it's situated in Olympic Port next to Torre Agbar and Hotel Arts. It was designed by Frank Gehry; it was built in 1992 and it's made of copper. Frank Gerhy was born in 1929, in Toronto Canda and he studied at Harvard University to study Urbanism. There is an other photo with the problem, sorry. But I will say more information about Frank Gehry. He thinks that architecture is an art. He works with voulmes and the materials of the facade. Frank Gerhy and the Gold Fish: before he studied the liverty of the fish body and in 1980 he died similar objects like the Gold Fish. When Barcelona people charge to him an sculpture, for the Olympics, he proposed a big sculpture of metal that with it refelctions marks the begining of Olympic Port. change. And I will show more buldings of Frank Gehry. This is Museum Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain. There is an other problem there with the image. There is the Gehry Tower in Hanover, Germany. This is the Dancing house in Czech Republic, Praga. And this is the Museum of art, Mediapolis in U.S.A. That's it. Hello, my name is Andrea and this is my favourite building Torre Collserola, building by Norman Foster It's located in the carretera de Vallvidrera, near de Tibidabo. Is located 425 meters above sea level. It's the tallest building in the city, with 288 meters. The tower has 13 floors and is the hub of the telecommunications in Catalonia. Through the tower, pass the 100% emissions of the TV and 95% of radio emissions. This tower, was built to be the new icon of Barcelona of the Olympic Games. Norman Foster, the architect, built the tower with the architect studio Ove Arup & Partners. Norman Foster was born in Manchester on 1 June 1935 He is a british architect . He studied architecture at Manchester University and later obtained a scholarship to continue his studies at Yale University. And many more. At the moment, the study of Foster & associates have offices in London, Berlin and Singapore, with a group of 500 people.

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students present their favourite buildings

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