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Sex after Death!?

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Death as the End of Time This is death as the end of time within and as the mind consciousness system of the human physical body exist the cycle manifestations as trapped time as experiences that you had within this reality that is stored within and as your mind consciousness system and remains running from beginning to end beginning to end as replays constantly and continuously as you draw closer to your inevitable death you have quite an extensive amount of- manifested reality- replays existing within and as you of the mind consciousness system as trapped time to which of course you have defined yourself and designed your personality design of mind as who and what you would say is 'who you are' within this reality this world the mind consciousness system is dependent on the DNA within and of the human physical body to be able to maintain it's manifested existence as reality replays, as trapped time existent within and as you because the manifestation of DNA within and as the human physical body is that which sustains the manifestation of time within and as this existence the moment the mind consciousness system is separated from the human physical body the DNA, hear me: The mind consciousness system as all that exist within it ceases to exist it- dies it is gone, it collapses entirely and completely nothing remains therefore death as the end of time the moment you die your mind consciousness system within which you existed your entire Life, ceases to exist and you the being that was within it 'cross over' and your body remains within this physical manifested existence this means the following all and everything, that you experienced and believed yourself to be within this reality this world is gone and you realize nothing of what you have done, experienced and been was real it was time trap illusions within which you participated within within which you existed as of the mind consciousness system design the mind consciousness system pre-programmed design that's why when a being cross over into the interdimensional existence they are and will be no more as what you remember them to be because all that you have within yourself- of the mind of the being is memories, of the memory that they were they were only but a memory, you are only but a memory because all that you consist of and exist as is memories memories, as manifested trapped time as realities of cycles that are playing without you that you've experienced of the past! that you believe yourself to be but you are not so beings- that want to talk to beings that have crossed over and want them to be how they remember them to be you are actually saying: Please can I talk to my memory I have in my mind I want to talk to my memory I want my memory back my manifested memory and understand, before the interdimensional existence change human beings communicated apparently to others that have crossed over and 'they were exactly the same' understand you did not what manifested there and what occurred there is the following: your memories of that being was brought to Life inside yourself the moment you were connected to a psychic or channel system within and as this reality and all such moments were manifested pre-programed events the communication with beings that have crossed over you haven't communicated to beings that have crossed over you've communicated to your own memories of them, within and as your own mind it's how the system operate it's how the system work to keep human beings believing that crossing over you will still remain who and how you are you will not you are not if you are of the mind and you have defined who you are according to memory in anyway whatsoever you as who and what you believe and think yourself to be will not exist when you cross over therefore I suggest, not defining who you are according to memory according to mind, according to anything or anyone in this reality because it's not really who you are who you are is here, in and as breath therefore suggested to live so that whether you are here or in the interdimensional existence when you cross over you will not change you will remain stable here as who you are in self-expression - here thank you very much For more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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