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The History of the Megabots - Part 1

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What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here to teach you how to fill out your tax returns in section A of form B Wait, that does not sound right What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here you to bring you a history like no other The history of a legacy that was loved by many and was a foundation for providing a more objective based battle This type of robot has gone through generations of Robocraft updates, and maximized the building potential of robot designs Ladies and gents, we have been brought upon by the Megabots So how did megabots shaped the way gamers played Robocraft and what was the history behind this particular these types of robot? Just as a reference, I will be using information found on Robocraft since there are a lot of historic megabot pictures uploaded by robocrafters Also, I am not responsible if emotions are left in the comments You can save that for part 2 since... you know... we will talk more - Unless, you are new to Robocraft than you are perfectly fine. Don't worry about it Anyways, let’s start off with its origin Megabots were officially launched on the Dawn of the Megabot’s update on February 18th, 2015 This update featured Megabots as a new tier known as TX-1 and had a cpu limit of 7555 which is 5 times more than a normal robot The only way to become a megabot was to use a megaseat to declare your robot as a megabot Along with this release, came new items such as the TX-1 armour, Mega Electroplates Mega Wheels, and Mega Smgs The main restrictions to megabots were that they could only use TX-1 items, cosmetics, Chassis Armour (See, I got it right) but nothing more Ok, gromek... Ok. Megabots were given the opportunity of playing a variety of game modes such as Team Deathmatch with 1 megabot on each team Megapit was introduced during the Legends of the Pit update where you can play a free-for-all with megabots Megaboss mode where you play as 1 megabot vs many Maps were also adjusted to allow megabots to get around the map more easily because at that time, their were more obstacles and barricades placed throughout the map Unfortunately, megabots were not allowed to play Battle Arena and could not join platoons Lastly, if you wanted the megabay which increases the size of your bay, you had to unlock it via tech tree As a fun fact, you are currently using the megabay if your new, now is the time to like Say Thank You megabots for the acquired Space that you have So how did Megabots pave the way for team deathmatch? With megabots being the center of attention, most noticeable strategies were to protect the megabot and heal them as much as possible The playstyle shifted to focusing on where the megabots were in order to objectively take them down objectively since they were a threat in the battlefield Of course there were some megabots that weren’t really up to par, but overtime players were able to use up the max CPU Now that you have a basic idea of how megabots were born Let’s go over a lot of major megabot builds that made an impact on Robocraft whether they were creative or practical Keep in mind that not every single type of Megabot will be featured and will be summarized rather than going into fine details Otherwise, this video would be like 30 plus minutes long (sarcastic) and you guys wouldn't want that. Of course not So, the first megabot that set the standards was the “In Your Face” megabot This megabot was featured on the Dawn of Megabots update and a lot of players wanted to create that megabot This type of megabot wasn’t superior in the battlefield, but it was a starting foundation that became very popular The great thing about megaplates was yet to be understood until the creation of this Megabot The regenerator created by Karbengo This type of Megabot utilized fast heal rates that Tx-1 Megaplates provided Since megabots usually had medics behind their backs, this made this type of bot recover very quickly but was susceptible to constant fire since more shields, means less cpu for raw armour Overtime, other types of Regenerators spawned throughout the battlefield and were viable The trend of mega cars were exploding was with love Here are some mega cars that help cause a ripple effect in The Dump Truck created by Hatsune Miku The Ferrari F50 created by Frog Yes. He's a frog, not a noot The Bugatti created by pmlg8745 The Dodge MegaRam created by Grilka PandaVengence also had a legacy for creating a bunch of mega cars such as the Raptor Semi Truck and the Lamborghini Diablo GT Lastly, we cannot forget the infamous Carbon 6 Supercar created by daronmalakian which was featured on the share, drive, and fight update Mega cars were classy and a lot of players loved the fact that megabots were able to achieve a more precise look because of its CPU limits Since megabots had high CPU, this allowed players to go more in-depth with reality The Modern House created by Hatsune Miku The Lost Castle created by pmlg8745 Lastly, the Tx-1 Race Car Stadium created by Dommyturtles These type of megabots were for fun and made players explore more openly with creative designs Moving on, we have Lancelot TXRS Mk1 created by timex987 These were classified as White Megabots because the shell was made up of T1 blocks and contained T10 blocks on the inside The purpose of this was for fast heal rate on T1 blocks Because T1 blocks healed so fast and the shell was triforced, taking a volley of plasmas destroyed mainly T1 blocks and will allow medics to heal your outer shell very quickly The generations were great, but there is still more Meet the Iron Duke created by Karbengo This megabot had its unique flavor of utilizing Aero rods He also created a Duke Replica which is more simplified but was defined as stronger than the original He created the Duke Replica to also simplify the build tutorial which also allowed other players to create their own dukes Spinners will keep on spinning This was the birth of… Hold on one second, let me get like Cray to pronounce this Reichsflugscheibe which was created by Verdresche This was the start of the Spinner megabots and led the ways for many megabots such as the Polar Star and the Southern Cross which were created by Karbrengo This type of megabot made its footprints as a megabot that was very different from the rest Another Generation of megabots sprunt like crazy all because of Grigerbest Despite the horror persona that Griger has, Grigerbest had some of the best megabots that shaped the way megabots perceived These megabots rose in fame during the release of Carbon 6 parts Most of Griger's robots were also influenced with tons of aero rods with one of the most noticeable designs being the Era of the Cyborgs Lastly, we have the generation of megabots with mech legs, but not just any mech legs Zalera's design Zalera’s megabots helped carve the way and feature very elegant and unique designs that helped this generation become more alive in megabots Overall, megabots we’re thriving and exploded Robocraft with unique designs, top of the line creativity and shaped the way we played team deathmatch However, there were things unforeseen in the megabots future Click here to watch part 2 of the History of the Megabots where we will go more in depth with what happened to the megabots during the Full Spectrum Combat update and the reasons why megabots were removed So, that pretty much wraps it up for this video Let me know in the comment section down below what was your favorite megabot? Big shoutout to adixox for providing me the links to a lot of these megabot videos and Karbengo for providing me in depth information on the generations of the megabots As for part 2 of the history of the megabots, be sure to bring popcorn because this will be a fun one Don't forget to like and subscribe for all your Roboneeds and until next time this is SpaceKryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Jun 12, 2016

Learn the history of the Megabots along with the generations that made megabots become a big part of Robocraft. If you are new to Robocraft, here's a glimpse at what megabots provided and what designs was created during its lifespan. Enjoy!

This series will be broken into 2 parts. Part 2 will feature more sad stories and breakdown the breaking news that Freejam provided leading to the end of the megabots.

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Adixox12 for providing Megabot video links
Karbengo for helping with the generations of the megabots

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