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...Boy, that's alive. That's facial. - How does it feel to you? - Pretty good. That double kick drum's not as bad, or maybe I'm getting a little used to it, but the guitar up there helps smooth it. These are all going to a single guitar track, right? At this point, you might have an interest in having some of those broken up - to have some flexibility later on... - For mixing. ...because it does make a big difference when you do change the balancing on that... With the one track, if you're committing to the single track, you are going to have to solve the changing of it through EQ, later on. In your past experience, you just go with one single track and that's... You've made a decision. - There's the sound we want. - The decision and then move forward. That's something I thought should come up for discussion, then you hit on the other thing, which is we haven't put in a room mic, or any type of room ambience at this point. That's something I'll put on a separate track. Yes, traditionally that's how it goes, but whether that's something that should be looked into because it can help give a little more of a liveness feel to it, because otherwise your guitar is only going to be here. Again, you're solving your placement and stuff and where it's kind of sitting in the spreading of the sound, you're solving through EQ as opposed to having some controls. - This is what your regular way of operating... - Absolutely. The main rhythm guitar having some ambience on it. Working with Rick over the years, I'd put a bit chunk of dough down saying that track never gets listened to. It's different for clean things, and, you know, little things, but for the dude that's driving, - it's dry. - I agree. I remember the first time we went to mix, or we were actually allowed in a mix, this guy had reverb on the guitar, I was like, "What are you doing? Get that out of there." I don't mind having dimensions. but if it washes it out, I'd rather have it fat in here.

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 23, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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