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Atom and Eve Class 1 - take02

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And thanks everybody for attending today really appreciate it. I think it's historic what we're doing. We hope to do, we hope to accomplish which is... The unification. Literally. of Science and The Ancient Wisdom of The Zohar. As you all know but let me just say so once clear you have lifetime access to this course, anytime and as new developments in science take place and there's new discoveries I'll update the course, you'll have access to it, so you'll always be kept up to date as our world continues to evolve and hopefully through the revelation of the secrets and this course will accelerate that spiritual and physical evolution, let us pray to see you know, the transformation of our world. The arrival of the true redemption the end of chaos pain and suffering in our lifetime. That's our goal and nothing less. We're not just here to learn, oh! No. We're here to achieve a goal. The end of chaos, pain, darkness and death itself. Which 20 years ago would sound crazy talking about immortality but today we have physicists and scientists around the world who are and even business people big tech they're all trying to search for the magic pill, the magic technology that will ignite biological immortality. so it doesn't sound so far fetched talking about it anymore. but my teacher kabbalist Rav Berg spoke about it for you know the last 30 years. So let's begin and if you have questions as we go through please raise your hand digitally we are posting in the chat or just interrupt and if you can have your video on or your audio we'd love to hear your questions live and we'll address them as we go through so don't worry about interrupting as long as it's not non-stop interruption let's so that way you know you don't have anything to worry about as you proceed through the course now this is important do not try and memorize all the names, all the individual facts and dates that we're going to share because you can revisit any time and we can get lost in the details I'm just putting names and dates in here so that we can always revisit and memorize them and learn them later but that's not really what's important what's important in this course is the takeaway and what's the takeaway the takeaway are the similarities the identical connections between science and Zohar and most important what those connections meaning in my life that's the takeaway whether it was the 16th century or 15th century makes no difference we're going to give you the dates etc but that's not what's important and all the names aren't that important but we're doing it just for the record book so we have you know a record, sources that people want to dig deeper they can. Okay as we know today is going to be a double class It's sunday no football games here in the United States I hope people have you know some time this morning to spend the whole time with us so let's begin. So welcome to Atom and Eve The Zohar and Modern Day Science based on the lectures I shared at Nasa which were based on kabbalist Rav Berg, my teacher his brilliant book that needs to be read 20 times called Nano The Technology of Mind Over Matter so just for some background information and please keep in mind if you've seen the free lecture there'll be some aspects of that free lecture on this course in today's lecture for those that didn't see it that's number one, number two we'll be discussing basic kabbalistic concepts to give context for those that are here for the first time because this course once it's posted, once it's done and recorded after today's class, it's going to be there'll be outreach topeople all around the world and most of them do not know kabbalah so those who are very versed in kabbalah who've been here for 10 years, 2 years, 20 years, as Rav Berg always said we need to hear this wisdom a thousand times because each time we learn something new a new neuron is you know neural connection is made in our brain our consciousness rises a little bit because we understand it on a deeper level so some things may be familiar, may be repetitive if you've been here for many years absorb it. love it pretend you're a brand new student. and for those that are here for the first time we're going to appreciate your presence and address this to those who know the least. So I don't know how many years ago, maybe 10 years ago I was invited seven years ago to the Nasa. Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center to do a lecture on the Cosmology of Kabbalah The Zohar and Modern Day Science When they arrived there was a sign welcoming me which kind of freaked me out because now I knew I'm on the spot I have to speak to an auditorium filled with scientists and physicists and other nasa personnel we brought with us about 200 mini Zohars The Zohar is the central text the central source energy of the wisdom of Kabbalah. It's the wisdom of the world as we're going to see and we dedicated these books to Nasa made a special custom printing we also brought along kabbalist Rav Berg's Nano Book which the information in this course a lot of it comes from this book and we handed them out to all the physicists and scientists and Nasa personnel we ran out of books but a year after my lecture at the Goddard Space Flight Center which is just outside Washington DC I was invited to Cape Canaveral in Florida to do a same lecture at the Kennedy Space Center what I found really amazing and watch the free lecture if you want a little more detail about what happened there but what I found amazing is that the scientists were really most of them more interested in how this wisdom applied to their life than finding the similarities they really because they never heard of kabbalah most of them and they wanted to know what it had to say about, you know chaos in their own personal lives, so that was fascinating. and welcoming. So we begin this class with the paradoxes that afflict the human mind, but but specifically as it relates to the Science, Religion debate that has been going on throughout history is probably the most fervent debate feverish debate in history Science versus Religion who's right? and when you really get to the end of it it's the stupidest waste of time in history because there are answers but by the same token this wisdom was redacted from history so even though it's a silly debate because the answers are so beautiful and so profound and clear if you didn't have access to the answers all that's left is room for debate so here are just some of the paradoxes of the human mind as it relates to this debate some insights "Scientists who spend their life with the purpose of proving that life is purposeless constitute an interesting subject of study." what a profound insight by Afred North Whitehead he's saying that physicists are trying so hard with such purpose to prove life has no meaning there's no room for God. It was accidents, the big bang, creation, how things happen. It's all the survival of the fittest there's no other meaning behind it yet they do it with such purpose looking for, you know, to prove that life is purposeless. profound, paradox of the human mind. Niels Bohr the father of quantum physics. Physicist famous story about him: a reporter went to interview the great danish physicist, Niels Bohr and was astonished to discover that Bohr had a horseshoe hanging over his desk surely you don't believe Dr Bohr that hanging a horseshoe will bring you good luck said the astonished reporter. no of course not, said Bohr but I'm told that it will bring me good luck whether I believe it in or not. again a paradox. It's not probably not a true story it's more an insight and they use Bohr as, you know, as the metaphor to show those paradoxes in science the way the human mind works how difficult it is for us to accept simple truths if they go against our preconceived notions and our preconceived beliefs. We have to know how to let go and open up our minds. So I begin with a story about a student of a great kabbalist who wanted to know the difference between heaven and hell so his master, his great teacher takes him to hell and in hell he sees there's a giant vat filled with the magical potion that when you taste it it gives you rapturous, ecstatic pleasure. Ecstasy! Beyond human comprehension. Now... There's their spoons long handles handcuffed to their wrists are able to dip into that magic rapturous potion but they can't turn the long-handled spoons into their mouth. This is hell. so close to heaven yet so far. So the student say: okay, I get it. show me heaven. They go to heaven and the student the student is shocked it's the same place. People gathered around, a giant vat filled with that magical pleasurable potion, same long-handled spoons, same handcuffs you know affixed to the wrist, yet they're all happy beyond comprehension. why? because instead of trying to put the long-handled spoon in their mouth each person turned to their neighbor and they fed one another and this was heaven. You've probably all heard this story many times before or maybe not. But the moral of this story is not we should share with people that's the usual moral given when this story is told. Instead i'm going to give you the kabbalistic explanation as taught to me by my teacher Kabbalist Rav Berg and examined in his book Nano and we're going to understand this principle the real secret of the story by the end of this course and it's profound. And don't try and think beyond, don't try figure it out and if you think you've heard the story before, just pretend you're a first-time student. The real secret is not that they shared is that they removed the space between them when they were just feeding themselves they were all individual people you know imprisoned around a vat when they fed each other those spoons interlock that circle of people removing any space between them. We're going to learn about time and space specifically space in this course and we're going to see how the creation of space and the existence of space lies at the heart of chaos, pain and suffering, metaphysically and physically and how it leads to how it can lead to the arrival of global peace and biological immortality. So remember this I would write it down the removal of space between those people in heaven is what created heaven. Some of the people are going to meet throughout this entire course Sir Roger Penrose probably, if not the most, one of the greatest minds of the 20th and 21st centuries, did a lot of work with Stephen Hawking who I'm sure many people know who was wheelchair-bound most of his life. Dr. Stuart Hameroff if you've seen the documentary What the Bleep and other videos online Dr. Stuart Hameroff actually worked with Sr Roger Penrose on a theory of human consciousness which is very kabbalistic as we'll find out. We're going to meet best-selling author world famous professor physicist, Michio Kaku. A wonderful man Amir Axel who sadly sadly I did some many interviews with them he passed on a few years ago, heartbreaking a prolific author he makes signs simple for the layperson and one book I recommend The Mystery of the Aleph Mathematics, the kabbalah and the search for infinity. one of the few fit with the wall street journal called it an excellent book. one of the few physicists who had the guts and the courage to write a book that drew upon some of the comparisons of kabbalah and science. He's just scratched the surface but what a wonderful profound first step. We're going to meet Dr Bernard Haich astrophysicist, astronomer, former Nasa researcher also a wonderful human being, great author, he wrote a book called the... what's it called? The God Theory, I think The God Theory remind me I'll get to the name of the book, also a book worth reading. We'll meet Dr William Clark who is from UCLA Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology wrote a great book called Sex, Death and Immortality. The course topics we're going to explore One: The Source of all Science: The Zohar Those that are here for the first time, we're gonna show you the source of this wisdom so you'll understand where it comes from. Two: The profound, stunning, extraordinary influence that the Zohar had upon science throughout history. The stunning scientific insights of the Zohar and the correlation to modern day science. The actual creation of the universe and the cosmology of the Zohar and modern day physics. The nature of reality What's this world made out of ? what is the nature of reality? according to both science and the Zohar. The evolution debate, probably the most controversial debate at least over the last 50 to 200 years evolution versus creationism. we are going to resolve that debate once and for all. The age of the Universe. Did god create the world in six days? and rested in the seventh? Or how do you reconcile that with science and discovery that the universe is 13 to 15 billion years old? We'll resolve that debate. We're going to explore the Zohar and medical science. The mystery of time and space. Why do they exist? Where do they come from? We're going to explore and more important, resolve the paradoxes of physics that relate to light, time travel, and other phenomena. We're going to have a bonus topic, the UFO Phenomenon for the first time in history we're going to make these teachings of the Zohar and the Kabbalist, public. Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computers. We're going to go into kabbalist Rav Berg's Nano book the key most important concepts as they relate to truly generating what physicists are looking for which is called the Grand Unified Theory. or it's also known as the Theory of Everything that explains both the macroscopic world, which is the world around us the big world that we see with our eyes and that we feel and touch with our five senses, and how to reconcile that with the microscopic world of atoms, subatomic particles, protons, electrons, neutrons, leptons, bosons, quarks, how to reconcile these two worlds because they don't reconcile, and how this connects to the Zohar and the meaning of life and where we're headed, where are we going. We're going to see the Zohar you know, has nailed science throughout history, what does the Zohar say about tomorrow? what's coming? And finally the meaning and purpose of our lives as encoded into the laws of physics. You know, how these laws of physics relate to our life? science has no clue, they tell you how the world works, and they give you these laws, they don't tell you. Why those laws exist? Why were they "chosen" to operate the universe and our lives? There is, I hate the word spiritual but, there is a practical reason why these laws exist, as they relate totally to the meaning of your existence. There's only one requirement we always say learn just from kabbalist Rav Berg: don't believe a word I say. nothing, especially specifically as it relates to how the Zohar can transform your life. Instead test it. apply it in your life like any good scientist would, and let the proof be in the pudding. let the results and the evidence speak for itself. We just ask that you apply the wisdom. Applied the technology that we're going to share with you. Part one: The source of this course, the secret of Zohar. People who are here for the first time pay close attention: What is the origin and the meaning of the word Zohar? If you look into the Zohar itself it tells you the Zohar is a radiance, it's the secret of the beginning. Period. The bible opens up with the verse: in the beginning. science opens up you know cosmology with the Big Bang. The Big Bang, that's the beginning of time space in our universe. The Zohar Radiance says the Zohar is the secret of the beginning it's an energy force. We use the word Light. It's like the seed of a tree if you look at a tree and you see the fruits and the branches and the leaves and the trunk and the roots, and the roots it all is contained within the seed. The Zohar is that seed that very beginning and it includes everything. Science tells us the universe began with a bang and the Big Bang was an explosion of infinite energy that began as a microscopic spec which we're going to explore in great profound stunning detail in another class. But the Zohar based on what the Zohar teaches was there at the beginning. The difference is this primordial ancient, divine, infinite Light called Zohar this energy, it was concealed after creation. So first there was the Big Bang and then the Light withdrew and was hidden and the Zohar energy was concealed and all that's left is our cosmos, all the galaxies, planets, stars, and suns throughout the universe. This original Light contained all the pleasure everything human beings were looking for. But it was hidden. It returned 3 400 years ago on mount Sinai. The famous biblical story of Moses and the Ten Commandments We're told in the traditional sunday school story Moses came down from the mountain with two tablets but those tablets were like conduits that contained that infinite Light of creation. It was all downloaded into those tablets. That Light that moment on Mount Sinai which you don't hear about in sunday school is that when Moses stood at Mount Sinai the world experienced biological immortality infinite, endless pleasure. In the typical story and if you want details take on Redacting Jesus, it's another course we did. In the typical sunday morning school, sorry, sunday school morning story, we're told that when Moses was up the mountain and didn't return the Israelites became corrupted and they built a Golden Calf which really represents our physical material world. Moses comes down from the mountain, he sees what happened and what was going on was not just a (..........) there was an orgy taking place, there was sex, drugs, and rock and roll. That's what was going on on Mount Sinai because the pleasure was so profound and that calf was actually generating that energy. The tablets literally fell out of Moses's hands it's not that he went and purposely threw those tablets to the ground they fell out of his hands, they shattered, and we lost that Light of immortality. All the light that energy that everyone's looking for to this very day. We're told Moses went back up the mountain entered into a cave and retrieved two more tablets that received that light again and when he returned with those second set of tablets Moses's face was shiny because of the brightness. What happened to those tablets they were put in the ark of the covenant take on redacting jesus the whole story is there what we need to know for this class is that there is a secret about the light on Moses's face and the secret is it's found on the moon. The answer to the secret, it's also found on the road to Damascus. That the apostle paul walked two thousand years ago. There is a crater on the moon called the Ebenezer Crater named after the 13th century astronomer Abraham IBN Ezra Ibn Ezra wrote in the middle ages a thousand years ago He wrote: "The reason for the shining on Moses's face is because God spoke with him, they connected and that is why Moses's face was shining like the Zohar of the firmament." So this was proof that the Light of creation Zohar, that energy, returned on Mount Sinai which is why they achieved immortality and infinite pleasure. This word Zohar is written nowhere in the new testament except one place, nowhere at all in the Torah the only place you find it is in the Book of Daniel. The verse Daniel 12:3 "And they that be wise or enlightened shall shine as the Zohar of the firmament." The firmament is heaven where we all came from. and the name of that Light that fills heaven. The true reality is Zohar. These two tablets after the were shattered returned about sixteen hundred years later sixteen centuries later they manifested the two tablets as the two temples that stood in Jerusalem those two temples were channeling aspects of that Zohar energy into the cosmos, into the universe. This when that Second Temple stood, which is the time of Jesus, that was what kabbalist Rav Berg said was an opening in the universe for a second revelation. So Moses was revelation number one, the revelation of the Zohar energy, and then when we blew it when the Israelites blew it with the building of the golden calf on Mount Sinai we had an opportunity 16 centuries later for a second revelation. but just like the Temple, the Tablets shattered so did the Temples. They were destroyed because of the negative behavior of the Jews. The destruction of that Second Temple is what again is a replay of the events on Mount Sinai. So what happened is there was a great kabbalist who went into a cave, just like Moses went into a cave, his name was kabbalist Rav Shimon Bar Yochai Shimon the son of Yochai. and he buried himself up to his neck for 13 years and the Zohar energy was downloaded into him and he produced not the Tablets, that had Zohar energy, but he brought that Zohar energy down into this physical world through written manuscripts in other words bringing it closer more accessible to our lives After that took place we have a very famous story about Paul on the road to Damascus. Paul was persecuting all the followers of Jesus He didn't believe in Jesus's teachings and Jesus's message. and on that road to Damascus, Paul had an experience which he wrote down he shared that experience. When he was on that road to Damascus he had a vision of Jesus, and that great Light was shining down from that upper firmament, from heaven. and it shined upon Paul And transformed him, It's known as the Conversion of Paul from being an opponent of Jesus to being the most dedicated follower of Jesus and he eventually became the founder of Christianity. There is no Christianity in our world without this event of Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus where that Light shined down upon him and transformed him inside and out. Paul writes this down in acts 26:13 This is a secret that's never been made public except an Unredacting Jesus. Paul quotes Daniel, the Book of Daniel, and he reveals that the Light shining down was Zohar. The same Light that was on Moses's face the same Light that's spoken of in Daniel the same Light that ignited the creation of the universe Paul acts 26:13 here's the quote: "At midday oh king I saw in the way a Light from heaven brighter and uses the word lamb protest Zohar in greek brighter than the sun shining round about me and them which journeyed with me." if you see here you see the greek word that Paul uses lam protests, and in english and hebrew it's the word: Zohar Let's get more specific and more simple. This is the new strong's exhaustive concordance of the Bible. Where they analyze every single word of both the Old Testament and New Testament so that we can derive deeper meaning and see the correlations of the biblical scripture so let's keep it simple. Here they analyze paul's writing acts 26:13 where he spoke about the Light from heaven and he uses the word lamb protest and the number given lamb protest is G2987 by the dictionary. The corresponding greek words for Zohar and the word that paul uses lam protest G2987 and here's the results if you look it up online at midday oh King I saw in the way of life from heaven above the G2987 Zohar. This is a secret never made public. Now if we search inside the Zohar for this same Daniel quote right like what does the Zohar book itself have to say when you search that and you look for Daniel 12:3 What does the Zohar say? "And they that be wise shall shine as the Zohar of the firmament, with your composition Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai which is the Book of the Zohar." There are many verses we're not going to go into it here we go into it in Unredacting Jesus, that's where the Zohar specifically says this verse from Daniel the verse that Paul quoted in acts refers to the Book of Zohar. So in summary the energy called Zohar is: The divine Light that ignited the Big Bang and was then hidden. This Light is the power of paradise and immortality and it's known as the Light of the firmament it's also known as the hidden Light in the in the Torah in the Old Testament that the Light that God hid away for the righteous in the future. Two: It's the Light on Moses's face which represents immortality and paradise. Three: It's the Light and book that Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai revealed two thousand years ago that will restore heaven on earth by igniting the arrival of the Messiah because of the Light that it shines. And four: It's the Light that Paul saw and experienced on the road to Damascus during his vision of Jesus. So for all of our Christian friends attending this course, this is the Secret Teachings of Jesus and you will see it reconcile science and religion, science and the Bible. This is what all the priesthood preachers and pastors and bishops and popes that what they've been looking for how do you convince science that the teachings of Jesus and if you're among the jews that those mystical teachings of the Torah the soul of the Torah they reconcile science and the Bible. There is a great kabbalist who lived about 300 years ago named Rabbi Elijah in hebrew is known as the Vilna Gaon Vilna Gaon means the genius of Vilna Lithuania and he said very simply the unique the unification of science and Zohar is the key to bringing the Messiah period. that's all you need to know. There are many branches of wisdom in our world many branches. science, judaism, other religions, medicine, christianity, physics, psychology, philosophy, each of these branches contain truth. So we're not asking you to give up any of your beliefs none. What we're doing is showing you that the Zohar is the seed that nurtures all the branches, and all the fruits. because that seed is always present in the tree when that tree blossoms. so you don't have to change your belief the Zohar energy Light wisdom will enrich your belief. Enlighten and expand and deepen your knowledge in the branch of wisdom that you want to connect to. That's what's so beautiful it has an all-embracing unifying power. In ancient times they called the Zohar: Kabbalah Mysticism but imagine trying to explain a computer two thousand years ago. try explaining a computer 300 years ago, they called it mysticism. There were heretical ideas in the Zohar. The Ten Commandments are a fraud. Heretical statement. The Zohar says "whoever takes the bible literally is a fool and he should breathe his last breath." And some other areas of Zohar says that person should never even be born. There were mystical ideas, it spoke about multiple dimensions, specifically if you hear it for the first time, the Zohar said there's ten dimensions nine of them are hidden, and our physical universe is only 1% of reality. And those other nine hidden dimensions are the source of all wisdom and knowledge. For example when Paul McCartney woke up one morning and he heard the song Yesterday, already fully composed in his mind, he made contact with that 99% reality because at 99% reality everything already exists in complete form. When Dimitri Mendeleev woke up one morning and he saw the Periodic Table of Elements, which we all learned about in our high school chemistry classes, he saw the whole table of elements in his mind in a dream and he wrote them down. his soul during that dream made contact with that 99% reality. So again just to summarize our world represents 1% of reality the hidden nine dimensions contain the remaining 99% of reality when you make contact with that realm you draw down the wisdom knowledge of everything that already exists. So then if the Ten Commandments are fraud I was on a show recently with Roseanne Barr and I made this statement and I didn't clarify but people were freaking out "how could you say the Ten Commandments are a fraud?!" "it's right there in the Bible!" Sorry it's a fraud. It's a corruption it says the Zohar, not me. So then what are the Ten Commandments? The Ten Commandments are a code, for the Ten Dimensions. So when we say Moses connected to that Zohar energy he aligned and interconnected all 10 dimensions so that the Light radiated into our universe. So God is not a bearded being in heaven who punishes and rewards and commands. So what then is this idea of punishment and reward? stupidly simple. If you take your computer and you plug into electricity you can make a million dollars selling merchandise on ebay. If you stick your finger into a light socket you get a shock. So can you say the electricity rewarded you when you made a million dollars on the internet using that invisible power of electricity? Can you say that electricity punished you when you stuck your finger in a light socket? No. How we interact with that hidden Light? that exists in the 99% reality our interaction how we connect to it determines whether there is "punishment or reward". So what then is God? According to the Zohar: Infinite energy. Light. The same way we live off the light of the sun, we don't touch the sun or we'd be incinerated the light of the sun we don't touch God directly we deal with the light of God the energy that radiates from God that radiance which we call Zohar that radiance is infinite and is the source of all pleasure, fulfilment, divine, wisdom of our physical world everything is there. That Light is the 99% reality. so we learn in kabbalah which we're going to do in this course. Stop chasing after the Light! Everyone's chasing after the Light. a waste of time, the Light is already here. The Light already exists. The problem is there's a curtain that conceals the Light. What we want to do is break down that curtain to reveal the Light that's already here. And we're going to learn how to start taking down those curtains that are within us and around us So that the Light that never left is shining again in our life.

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Atom and Eve Class 1 - take02

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