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GL Japan Tape 20 (i)

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Are there always cockroaches in that bathroom I went to earlier? No, that's the first time... (LOL) ...I couldn't believe it. It was amazing, like, because all these little ones like flew off in every direction. Yes, please. Apart from that toilet are there other regular bathrooms too? There are other regular ones. They are in the centre of the 2nd floor. Oh, the area at the top of the stairs? This particular one is hard to find... but as older people prefer to climb the stairs... Ah, so they prefer to use that one...I see. In places like Shinjuku at night... if you open a door after it gets late... ...there are often a surprising amount of cockroaches. -...are there that many? There are quite a lot, yes. - Oh, really. In all sorts of surprising places. It's shocking. They do seem to like bathrooms don't they. - They do, don't they. Like the bathroom before... you often see a lot of them in that kind of large room. Hmm, there are a surprising amount of insects in department stores too. Inside department stores? - Enough to say there are insects there, yes. A department store doesn't really give off that sort of image. Yes, I know. They have such a clean image. But you can see them in stores quite often too. Probably, mmm, because the bathrooms aren't used very often... there tend to be a lot of insects there. I see... I was really shocked. - (LOL) They exploded out of there. But there isn't any food for them in the bathrooms. No, there isn't, is there? I wonder what they eat. Yes, it's really odd. Phew, I was really surprised. Hmm, I see. But the cleaning here, the cleaning of the bathrooms and so on... the station attendants don't clean them, do they? We do clean them but recently... for the most part... - like, agency workers? - Yes, that right. Workers from a cleaning services company. ...... - Ah, I see. I didn't know that. I see. Well, whatever the bathroom, if there are a few cockroaches I suppose it can't be helped. (LOL) Hmmm. From here, um, as far as Niiza station... how long would it take by car? By car? Is it quite a long way? - Hmm...yes, it is. There isn't a road following the line... Yes. So I'm not sure whether it would take a long time or not... Oh, really? ... If it only takes that long, well... If it took that long it would already have arrived. - Yeah, I see. If I had to guess I would say the train is probably faster. -Oh, really. I don't think there is much difference. You're right. It's just I've been waiting for a long time and it's only a stop away... ... As I have grown up along the Chuo line... for a really long time and already knew about... the scarcity of trains on the Musashino line... I thought I wouldn't be able to wait all that time here for just one station stop. I came to this station via the Musashino line too... -This is a customer announcement. - Is that so? Approaching platform 1 is... - Yes, I agree. the train heading to Higashi Tokoro Zawa station. ...The train arriving on line one will be the last of the day. OK. The train leaving at 53 minutes past is currently in ... station. OK. ... The train will soon be arriving at the station so we kindly ask for your continued patience. OK. Please be aware that...'s trains on line 2 have now finished. ...Please wait. - (LOL) I'm going to be waiting forever. Didn't the tannoy just say the same thing as before? Yes, it did. Ah, it's actually just arrived... - Ah, hmm, I see. If only it would come a little quicker. I see. could have come by ...line. That's right. I went from Shinjuku to Ikebukuro then from Ikebukuro to here. Um, The train on the Tojo line will arrive at 33 minutes past. It's not for another 36 minutes. Ah, just in time. But if it comes quickly you will be able to make the connection. -That's right. If it is quick, you should be able to get it. But if the Tojo line train is running a little late... - I'll be in trouble, won't I. ...You'll be pretty annoyed... - Ha Ha Ha! - especially after all this waiting. On lines like the Inokashira line... it's pretty common to be kept waiting. ... With the last train of the night, everyone has to wait a little. If it was any earlier, it would leave without you. Ah, that makes sense. When I was changing at Ikebukuro... ...something happened which ate up a little time. ... - That's right. When I got there the elevators were already all closed. It was after business hours? - That's right. So then, the owner of the 100 yen shop... opened the shutters for me. They then let me use the elevator. So that all made me a little late. Yes, my plan was actually to be here much earlier (LOL). But I'm glad I just made the last train. - Yes, definitely. I'm so relieved. So your final destination is Niiza? -That's right, yes. Phew. There aren't many people on the last Sunday train are there? Hmm, you're right. On Sundays, well... Yes, that's right. It should be here soon. Oh, it's here. The train soon arriving on line one... will be the Higashi Tokoro Zawa train. Please take care to stand behind the yellow line. Thank you for waiting. On line one is today's last train. The Higashi Tokoro Zawa train has now arrived. Excuse me. - Please be careful. Thank you very much, thanks. One more station. ♪One more station, one more, one more... Oh, OK. (Bows to station attendant) ... OK. Our recommendation! The 'Soyjoy' Lunch Diet. ... Excuse me. - There you go. Thank you. Thanks again. Here you go. - Thanks. ... Is it OK if the person behind rides with us? - Yes, that's no problem. That was the last train, right? Yes, that's right... I'm sorry. - There aren't many people around. - Hmm, definitely. ...

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Rumi at home.

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