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Rav - Toldot - Mind Over Matter PART 2

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table, and are uncomfortable. They move to another table Oh, I like it here. Right. Going to a restaurant. We rationalize and say well maybe I want to be close to a window or whatever and we move. We are not comfortable at this particular place. what is the difference between the table to the wood that was alive before? and now was no longer, you mean the table? before it was a tree that's right. That's right it was a living tree and now it is a dead table. It's not a dead table, it's not a dead table because... if that tree was not, you know, it just left the table ultimately also because it is a corporeal matter it is not the force, it's only a channel and a conduit anything that is a channel or a conduit has a fixed life to it. it lasts only so many years. How long will the table last before it disintegrates? A hundred years, five hundred years or a thousand years. Right? It's only strange that skeletons do not. its one of the rare things, right? a skeleton can somehow, or becomes fossilized. what does it mean to become fossilized? Goes back to where it came from, the earth - the tree is more animated than a table. (It could be that there is less light in the table then there was in the tree? ) Absolutely. Absolutely. Why? How do we know that? Because if you want to grow a plant in your home this has already been established scientifically Treat it with love. Talk to it, say I love you. You can have two plants in your house, anyone can try it out. it doesn't even, in fact, take a long time Within a couple of weeks. You have two plants, identical plants, but then again you might say well how do I know but they are two rose bushes, right You talk to one and do not talk to the other. You treat one with love and you say I love you, just like that. There will be such an astronomical difference between these two plants. That has been scientifically tested. Why? Indicating that there is an intelligence in there that you can address yourself to The table, of course, has a lesser characteristic or intensity of intelligence. But they both have the same atoms What does the body consist of? 99% of the body is atoms which is intelligences. And atom is tree intelligences. Proton ... desire to share Electron ... desire to receive Neutron that synthesis, the thing that connects both There is 1% ... 1/10 of 1% that is of a physical nature. Right That puts these atoms that are here unrevealed ... let me ask you something ... you said that a table can last a hundred, thousand, five or ten year, doesn't it depend on a care that someone's else is giving it? Very good. That is correct. Now we might say, well, he polishes it every day, right That is taken care but you might say, the reason it lasts longer is because he took care of it Now what does it mean? ... that he care about, that he loved it. That's right, now normally we would say well he polishes that's why he retains the longevity of the table, right? No. Because he talked to it. He cared for it and now let me ask you another question ... One man has water, the other man doesn't have water but he loves his plants This man doesn't love his plants but he has water and he doesn't have it. He doesn't have water with all the love in the world if you don't give it any water That goes without saying There are certain physical laws in nature that you must comply with. That is right. However, however, however At another level, let's say Rabbi Shimon probably could maintain the life of that tree without water because what is water? 99% atoms and 1% of a corporeal matter. Now he could conceivably if he could transfer the atoms of water, the intelligence of water to that plant by transferring the atom If he could do something like it, which he could Normally, there are those laws and principals that we must comply with. That is correct. However, it does not negate the concept that at another level depending on one's consciousness, he could deal with it without water. We know that. We've heard the stories where men have been pinned under trucks we have fire walkers, which has already been established Too many people have seen it, not only is there no pain, but literally the leg does not burn. Now for the western culture, this is magic but not when too many people have observed it, it is no longer magic, so now it's reality So now, we are beginning to think, in another words, in other words, what's happened in that case of fire walker .. those coals ... and then we really getting back to what to all these have to do and why does the Zohar bring it here into the discussion of Abraham and Isaac? But there again, fire walking, what does it mean? what's happened? There has been a contact between the flesh and heat. Normally, flesh and heat do not go together. Why don't they go together? Because they're two opposites Not two opposites ... but they simply do not go together. They don't go together. There are things that go together. What's an alloy? Bringing two opposites together. Well, we have fire and water, do they go together? No, fire wants to extinguish the water and water wants to extinguish it. These are two opposites that always want to control the other How can we maintain the balance between the two? Cook water in a pot, right? Cook water in a pot .. not to the point where it disappears. But the water boils. It's affected by the fire. It's been touched by the fire. Right? Yet one does not cancel out the other why? Because we find a central column, we found something ...

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