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Interview with Mr. Kenn Mondiai from Partners with Melanesians

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Kenn Mondiai, you work for an organization called Partners With Melanesians. Can you give us a brief background of your organization? Partners With Melanesians is a national NGO from Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific. The NGO is mainly focused on conservation and community development ... ... in rural areas of Papua New Guinea. We are focused on Managalas Plateau in Oro Province and some of the core program ... ... activities that we undertake are the conservation area, environmental, ... ... education and awareness, capacity building and training, ... ... plus biodiversity surveying and community development. Having attended this workshop, what would you consider to be the most important lessons ... ... learned in terms of PGIS practice that could benefit your organization, ... ... as far as forest management is concerned? In Papua New Guinea, forest management is a very, very controversial issue, especially ... ... in terms of the logging industry failing to manage the forest, ... ... and harvesting is a 'mining' activity. We are very, very concerned about the way the industry and the government ... ... have been managing the resources. Coming back to the project that I am working on, ... ... we would like to also use GIS for management and planning for the project activities. We have already obtained support and assistance from other international NGOs ... ... like WWF, to develop maps that we are using for our planning purpose, ... ... but at a later stage we would like to go further into PGIS. We are already initiating activities on the ground, ... ... through the Participatory 3 Dimensional Model Mapping Project. We received funding assistance from the World Bank and other international NGOs. We are, at the moment, at a preparatory stage, mobilising the community. What would you consider to be your future plans ... ... in terms of making PGIS practice most effective and efficient? I believe PGIS is a very effective tool for mobilizing communities and ... ... getting community knowledge, for management and planning purposes ... ... as well as utilizing the resources. Our future plan for my project, and as well for the country, ... ... is that we would like to make it become a policy that is going to be accepted ... ... by the government in Papua New Guinea, as well as the South Pacific. Because I find it very, very useful. It will also get the community involved in participating ... ... in terms of management of their resources, as well as utilising the resources. So it is a very powerful tool and I find from this conference here in Kenya, ... ... and also my attendance at the training that was conducted in Fiji in April, ... ... it is a very, very useful tool that needs to be used by government bodies, ... ... , NGOs, and communities, so that the resources can be properly managed and utilized. Do you foresee any obstacle, especially in relation to ... ... selling the idea to the government? Because - it was mentioned during the workshop - ... that 'mapping is a political matter', and that the government policies ... ... may not be in favour of PGIS. So how do you intend to go about it? Political obstacles are one thing. We need to get the political will to drive PGIS forward. I think the most important thing that we will have to do, in our own country, ... ... is to create more awareness about the importance of PGIS. Get the policy makers to accept it, to see the importance ... ... of how it can help development in the country. Once that is accepted at that level, we can basically go ahead ... ... and get it implemented with the support of the government. Educational video produced in the framework of the project: " Support the spread ... ... of good practice in generating, managing, analysing and communicating spatial information"

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Posted by: giacomo on Dec 7, 2009

Kenn Mondiai, Executive director of "Partners with Melanesians", an NGO based in Papua New Guinea (PNG) reports on the importance of adopting sound PGIS practices in his country.

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