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- Mmmmm. Mmm, delicious. - I need to take my glove off for a second. - That's an excellent idea. May I take mine off? - Yeah. - Oh, good. We can put them up on that table. - How about these are our gloves to cook stuff. - Oh, that's a great idea. - And this is our regular hand. - And these are our regular hands. - Yeah. - Why would we need gloves to cook stuff? - If something's hot or if you touch to make sure. - Ooooh. - That's a great idea. - If something's hot and you need a glove. And what does the glove do? - They make sure it doesn't burn you. - Oh it makes sure it doesn't burn you, because it gets hot and touches the glove, it won't touch your skin. - No. - No. You're right. It's always good to know the reasons for things, right? - Minnie, I had no idea you were so good at counting backwards. I didn't know. - Here you go Mickey. - Oh, my broccoli. Is it hot? - Yes, a little bit. - Should I touch it? - Uh-huh. Put your-- - Ahh! It's hot! - Oh, put your Mickey glove on. - Oh, okay. - Man. - Alright, my Mickey glove's on. Oh, thank you Minnie. - Ow! - Careful it's hot. Yeah. - Ooo, it's hot. - Oo, did you burn your finger? - Oh, it's so hot. - Oh no, can I help you? - Oh yeah, I--I did forgot to turn off the stove. - Oh. - I did turn off the stove. - Good. But your finger that got hot-- - Yes. - Is it burning? - Yes. I don't want to wear this anymore. - No, no, I'm tired of that dress. - Yeah, me too. - It's too hard to keep it on. - Yeah. - Yeah, you looked good in it, but-- - How about you just, maybe pretend. - Yeah, we can just pretend. Umm, but, how's your finger? - Oh, it's a little bit sore. - Is it? I have some cream for burns, do you want to put a little cream on it? Okay, I think this is cooled off now. Yeah, it is. Okay, I'm going to get some cream for you for your burn. - Mm-hmm. Will you have--Wow, you have a doctor kit at your house. - I do. I have a doctor kit at my house for burns, and for other little emergency things, and I'm just looking for something really good for cream. Here we go. Do you want me to put it on for you? - Okay, okay. - Alright, is it this finger? - Yes. - Is it right at the tip? - Yes. - Or is it down here by the palm? - Right here. - At the tip. - Mm-hmm. - Okay. Okay, now just let that dry and it will make your burn feel better. - Okay. - Okay. - The stove was really hot! - It was really hot and the broccoli was really hot too, and I'm so sorry that you got a little burn on your finger when I was trying not to get burned. - It's all better now.

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