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C6L11: Lefty Serve

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This next exercise take the idea of a tight coil to the next level. That is serve with your opposite hand. I am a righty definitely not a left handed athlete except what I have tried to do in the last few years. Let me show how I first did this and what I find most people do when they start and this is where things go awry. You feel weak on this side so you try to find power any way you can. The biggest thing I see people do is open the racket face way to early. Thinking they can get this racket head speed and snap into the hit. What happens is by opening the racket face too early, which you can see hear it puts both my wrist and elbow in a weak position. Look how the elbow is pointed down there is no coil at all in this stroke. Because there is no coil the body is taken out of it, you end up using your elbow and wrist as a lever and trying to get power out of the small muscles. Half the time you catch the ball late like this, see your racket head doesn't come back into play especially if your nervous and you can see this ball is going to go way long. So you really don't get a full body serve when you open up the racket face too early and try to get power. Here is what I did to correct that. I focus on holding that coil as much as possible to get racket head speed and to get my body into the stroke. Look at my arm here remember before how it was already the elbow and the wrist were broken. I am still holding a coil, I keep pressing the racket head forward thinking I have to got to hold this coil. This way the more I hold this coil the more the body motion actually affects the arm. I know here my tossing arm should be more extended, I realize that. Hey I am not a lefty. I am holding my coil and that is where my focus is and what happens is I get the appropriate spring. The appropriate pop right at the transition. You see here, now you can see my racket head lays back up at the top. That provides the pop coming out of the body. When I get to the hit its spring loaded if you know what I mean, thats where you get that infinite racket head speed. The longer you can hold this coil the more everything snaps all at one spot. Sort of like cracking someone with a towel. Listen to the sounds they are definitely worth a thousand words. I kept the sound on here watch the difference when I hold my coil, like that, and when I let the coil go. When I let the coil the go you barely hear the ball getting hit at all. When I hold my coil as tight as I can and once again I am certainly no lefty. Just holding the coil you get to hear that nice popping sound on the serve.

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Practice your lefty serve to reinforce good habits.

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