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Tuscany Lardo di Colonnata We’re right in the heart of the Apuan Alps, in this small town called Colonnata, which is famous for its PGI Lardo di Colonnata, as well as for the marble that we see everywhere in this place. It is precisely this local peculiarity that has allowed these two products to combine to create and excellence of the Italian art of cooking. This idea, this almost legendary conception of this product, has encouraged me to believe in something different from the usual standardized or mass production and thus I tried to get closer to the territory, to go back to those places where this product was born and has exploded in popularity. Sure, when I chose to come here to produce this product I inevitably “had to” buy a property in this town, and renovate it to create a proper workshop, which is now one of the most cutting-edge lard production facilities in the entire country. I don’t have a past as a manufacturer of Lardo di Colonnata in particular, or as a food manufacturer in general. The first time I learned from a local elder; I had started to clean the rosemary, the garlic, when he told me: “You only need to look at me.” “Watch closely”, and so I, for the first two or three times, just stood there and watched and then he let me try. Hence, in the end he trusted my work. We beat it a bit with this beater to press it even better. All these spices we put in it are the only preservative contained in this product. This meat is capable of preserving itself also thanks to these damp and cold environments, cladded with marble, within the marble basin itself, which allow a very long aging without the need of any preservatives or cooling systems. When you see the product come out of the basin, so good and fragrant and perfect, it is a great satisfaction. Right now there’s only my partner and I, and he’s a true jack of all trades: he helps me to prepare the lard and package it… I’ve obtained a degree in tourism economy, then I’ve been abroad for awhile to deepen my knowledge of the English language, among other things. After that, I realized that, in the end, I wanted to come back to Italy, to my country, where I was born, and to my town, Carrara, and try to accomplish something there. This PGI identification is very important for the town because it has allowed to keep the production of this cold cut here. We also have an EEC mark, a Community identification, which allows us to export our product to the entire European Community and our goal is to expand ourselves also in non-European markets, and thus United States, Japan… I believe in Italy precisely because it’s full of these cultures, these products, these traditions that make it renowned throughout the world.

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