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QSC KLA Active Line Array System - In-Depth Review

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♪♫♪♫...............................[Music Playing] This is the brand new QSC KLA Series Line Array speaker. This line array can be flown, that is hung, or it can be ground-stacked. That's put on a stage. Let's talk about this. The KLA Series is a derivative of the K Series speakers. For those of you that have read my reviews on the K series loudspeakers, you know how much I love them. They have a very natural, neutral kind of a sound that is perfect for church performance. They've got enough punch but they also have a great neutral sound for choir. I have a couple of customers and clients that use them with a 15-piece band and also a choir, and everything is clear and distinct. So the KLA Series will be a great addition to that K Series line. This is a powered loudspeaker which means the amplifier is integral to the system here, and the cool thing is you can run 5 boxes off of one 15 amp circuit. So let's take a look at it.

First of all, an individual box is a 90 degree horizontal coverage with 18 degrees vertical coverage. So that means you're going to stack boxes together to get more vertical coverage. Again, 12-inch 2-way speaker. 12-inch 2-way is a great way to go because it gives you enough low frequency that you can go ahead and have good low, good low-mids, but then ad the subwoofer if you really need the bottom end. Okay. It also has that really smooth coverage at the crossover which the K Series speakers are famous for.

Let's show the rigging...As we move around to the side here, you can see how the rigging system is easy to use without any tools. These boxes...this is the seam between the two boxes... I simply pop this up by hitting a release lever here, and then I bring this lever down and you can see how this hook hooks into the box ahead of it. If I were to go ahead and do the same thing here, this hook is hooking into the bottom of that box. So, no tools, very easy to rig. And you can go up to 5 high plus you have the subwoofer on the very top of that. Okay, you go ahead and retract that and then we go ahead and just simply release drop it back down and I'm ready to move. Okay. Very easy, all safe, secure rigging system. Of course you've got the handles as well. Let's take a look at the back.

This is a 1000 watt amplifier that's integral to the system. First of all you've got PowerCon connectors. Now PowerCon connectors you simply bring in your standard 15 amp or 20 amp electrical circuit plug it into the first box. Included within each speaker is a jumper cable. So that you can have the power go from here...from this box to this box, all they way down, okay? That's included in the package. Then you also have an audio cable. So you bring in your first line input and then you jumper up the boxes. So the power and the audio cables are already included in the package.

The rigging's included in the package. The amplifier's included in the package. It's a complete set up. You have a couple of things here. Whenever you put multiple boxes together you're going to get build up at the low frequencies. The low frequencies need to be tailored a little bit. Well QSC has already done all the measurement for you. You don't need a fancy computer program to do that. All you have to do is select this switch right here. You can select one box if you're using it as a single. Two boxes, three...up to the total of five boxes that you're stacking and the frequency response will be all tailored for that box. Of course you've got the level attenuation, and, if you're using it with the subwoofer or not. QSC's KLA Line Array Series speakers... Again, it can be hung. It can be flown. It can be put down on a platform, used with a subwoofer. It is incredibly smooth. has impact and is a great value. ♪♫♪♫........................[Music Playing]

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Watch a complete review of the KLA Series of speakers by Ron Simonson, chief engineer and CEO of CCI Solutions. The KLA speakers are a derivative of the QSC K Series Loudspeakers. These speakers are especially good for use with choirs and in churches and worship spaces. These speakers are flyable and stackable up to 5 high. The rigging system is very easy to use and doesn't require tools.

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