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Ambition 1 Thursday AM 1

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Fueling Ambition in the digital economy What´s your ambition? For us, growth is really going to be focused on global growth, particularly for e-commerce environment. Our biggest growth opportunities are emerging markets, such as Africa and, you know, other parts, like India. So we are really looking for global growth. Well, I'm a part of a company that makes a technology product, and we really strive to be leading edge in kind of dictating our market and our space. And so for us, it's really important to take that through to our payment management services, and to really think ahead. And think what our consumers are going to want in a year from now, and what our consumers are going to want in two years, instead of trying to just keep up. We are looking to take Decision Manager from a customer-not-present environment to a customer-present environment. We've had great success in the not-present realm, and we're going into uncharted waters, but we're confident that we can have that same success in our retail locations. Obviously, budgetary restraints allow us to be as lean, mean as possible, so obviously data analytics is very important. So, want to drive efficiencies as much as possible, to maximise revenue. Also, fighting fraud is a key centrepiece of that. So, making sure that we're on the cutting edge of fighting fraud along with CyberSource is very important to us. Professional corporate goals are to pretty much turn around and lower our chargeback rate, learn to write more complex rules, and turn around and use CyberSource to its fullest, and see more in-depth than what I'm currently using now. Our current ambition is to grow our global footprint, as far as payment, so we're rolling out our Oracle Solution across 220 some countries around the world, for our AR solution. And along with that, we're trying to gain efficiencies in our payment processing, and expand our direct debit, credit card, e-payment solutions for greater acceptance around the world.

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Posted by: zeitgeistuser1 on Aug 28, 2015

Ambition 1 Thursday AM 1

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