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Como escolher o projeto certo para fazer o Visto EB-5

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My name is Mauricio da Costa Ribeiro, I live in São Paulo. I'm married, I have two kids, and I am an administrator. Why did you decide to apply for an EB-5 visa and how did you decide it was the best option for your family?

Because I didn't want to study the options. I didn't want to apply for the F1, it wasn't for me. I wanted something more permanent.

Something that didn't bring me much risk, something legal, something permanent. The EB-5 is definitely what fit best. I also didn't want to set up a project to be approved later, I wanted to go first and then do my project. So the EB-5 worked for me. How long did you research and prepare before starting the EB-5 request process? It took me three months. I learned about the visa process. And after I wanted to find out if I was qualified, if it was a good option for me. With that done, I went on to define the project and carry out the process. What were your main worries about the EB-5 investor program? Basically, if the project itself would be qualified after this period of two years. Did you consider going through the EB-5 program by yourself (Direct EB-5)? Why? No, I didn't consider making the investment by myself. First because it would require a larger investment and I would have to start this project. I don't want to start a project I want to invest in a project, and make a smaller investment. So that's how I decided. How and why did you choose LCR for your EB-5 project? First it was because of the project. I didn't want to invest in a traditional project such as in construction. I didn't understand how the government could evaluate it, how this process was. This restaurant franchising process is a great one. Dunkin' Donuts is one of the biggest franchises in the US, it's an established franchise. So that's where I started. Later I started to understand who LCR are, who the people behind this are. They are people who have experience with this type of project, and that's how I decided. What were your biggest difficulties during the EB-5 visa process? It wasn't difficult. Although the process requires a great deal of detail regarding the project. So the difficulty lied in collecting all this information in a short amount of time since I didn't want to take too long. It took me about 30 days but after this period it was a smooth process. Is proving the origin of your investment a difficult process? For me it wasn't since I am an entrepreneur. I receive dividends from my company so it was relatively easy. The details are what is complex because you have to know a lot of information regarding your investment. So the process of getting all this info from the bank takes a good amount of time. Would you recommend LCR? Why? I would recommend LCR, you know I went there in person. Met with everyone, everyone was very qualified. They gave us all the assistance we needed. They were clear and transparent about the project, so I am very confident about them. Did you have any questions about fiscal issues? Were they cleared up? Are you making any tributary plans? I didn't have any questions about fiscal issues, obviously we have to prepare ourselves beforehand. So, I already hired a lawyer so that we can look into this and create our documentation based on this detailing. How does your family view this move to the United States? My family likes the idea of a move, they're obviously anxious. We're anxious because of the kids, but everyone is very excited. Did having kids influence your decision in obtaining an EB-5 visa? Explain. Having kids did influence my decision to get an EB-5 visa because it provides stability both for the investor and his/her family. So it provides stability for my wife and kids. What is the biggest benefit of the EB-5 in your opinion? I think the permanence of it is the EB-5 visa's biggest benefit. Once you are qualified and the project is approved you can be sure that you'll have permanence in the US. How will the move influence your family's future? My biggest motivation for getting an EB-5 visa and to live in the US is much more about our family's security. Brazil is going through a time of uncertainty. Not just in economic terms, but in regards to personal uncertainty as well. I visited the schools in the US, they are great schools. I think once they go there, my kids will be prepared to go wherever they want in the world.

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Como escolher o projeto certo para fazer o Visto EB-5

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