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GodandMan English language Part 1 of 2

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Have you ever wondered what the big picture is? This Bible felt set about "Learn about God with Jim & Jane" will show you the big picture of the character of God, the condition of man, and why it matters and what you need to do about that. We'll show with great simplicity the character of God, and also the condition of man, and what this means to you, personally. We learn about God in the Bible. The Bible tells us that He is One God and worthy of our worship. Just as this triangle is one triangle, with three sides or three points, God tells us that He is One God in three persons, and they are named the Father, the Son-Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that God is the sovereign creator of the entire universe, worthy of all our worship and praise because of His great power. The Bible also tells us that he is holy and righteous, totally without sin, totally pure with nothing that destroys or mars his character. The Bible also tells us that because of His holiness, that He will judge all sin, that is, anything that comes short of His perfect standard. The Bible calls God as being true. And, it further reveals and defines truth as being not just what you say, but what you also do. When God foretold what He would do, and it happened as He had foretold, that is Truth. and God is also love. It is because of His great love that he reached down to create man who could honor Him and serve Him. Satan came and tempted Eve, first of all to eat, of this Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that they were not to eat. and after she ate, then she gave some to Adam, with the result that they both lost their sinlessness. I will remove the white dot and replace it with the black dot to show that now they have chosen to disobey God and they are not free to have the relationship with Him that they had had earlier. There were many consequences: (1) was that that sin nature, or the nature or the ease of sin would come naturally and that would go to all generations. (2) another was that the earth was no longer in it's perfect state and it was in a state of disarray. (3) The relationship between people (in this case, Adam and Eve) also was marred -- was damaged so that no longer could they live in the same peaceful harmony that they had lived before. God provided some of the animals that He had created for their good, He provided them now as a sacrifice to cover their sins. But, He said even then that a blood sacrifice was required for the forgiveness of sin, but that it was not the animal blood sacrifice that was ultimately going to pay the price of sin, but that God Himself would provide a Savior. (4) And, the sin also produced a permanent barrier between man and God, that separated man, so that man could no longer approach God in the same manner he had before. In those early chapters of Genesis God had promised a Savior that would take the punishment for sin of the world, and it would be many many years before that would actually take place. When we reach the New Testament, we read about a young woman by the name of Mary, who loved God very much and sought to serve Him with every way in every way that she could. One day an angel appeared unto Mary, and said, "Don't be afraid! I have a message for you from God Himself. And the message is that you will bear a son, You will bear God's Son, and He shall be the Messiah or the Savior." And Mary said, "How can that be -- I am not married?" And the angel said, "God's Spirit will come upon you in such a manner that you will become pregnant, and that child will be the child of God, not the son of an earthly father. " Mary was concerned that Joseph would not understand, and the angel told her that he would also give that message to Joseph. and, sometime later, we don't know just how much longer, there was a night when Joseph was asleep. And while he was asleep, that angel came and with a message for him: and that was that Mary was pregnant; that she would have a son, and that the father of that son was God Himself. But that Joseph should marry her, to be a stepfather for that child, because all children need both parents. Joseph was a godly man, and he certainly wanted to do everything that God wanted him to do. So he and Mary were married.

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Part 1 of 2 - The story of who God is and the condition of man in relation to God.

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