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Find Biographical Information in Lexis Nexis

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In this video, we'll look at how you can find biographical information using the Lexis Nexis database. You can search for biographies right from the Easy Search, on the first page of Lexis Nexis. Look for the box that says "Research People." Then enter the name of the person you're interested in. I'm going to look up Nancy Pelosi, because she's been in the news a lot this week with the health care debate. You must enter a last name, but a first name is optional in case you're not sure of the first name or not sure how it's spelled. You can search in Biographical Reference Sources or in Recent News Stories. When you've set up your search, click "Go." And then you'll see your search results on the next page. You can scroll through and see the different types of sources available. This includes "The Almanac of American Politics," "Who's Who in Politics..." "Associated Press Candidate Biographies..." To read any of the biographies, click on the title. So let's look at this one in "The Almanac of American Politics." An you can see that there is lots of different types of information here. Professional ratings, journal ratings... Depending on the source that you choose, you'll see different kinds of information. When you find something that you like, remember to use the options on the right hand side. to save this source. If you just use the URL at the top of the page, it wont work when you go back. If you have any questions about using Lexis Nexis remember to return to the OU Libraries home page And use the link to "Ask a Librarian."

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Learn how to find biographical information using the Easy Search in Lexis Nexis

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