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Naughty but Mice

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It was a sunny Saturday morning at the Harrison Farm. Curtis the cat was cautiously napping in front of the mouse hole. Meanwhile, the mice inside were bandaging up their wounds from Curtis the cat. "We're out of cheese and thanks to the cat, we lost Louie in a tragic battle! " "Who's brave enough to distract Curtis while we steal the cheese?" " Not I," said Henry. "I lost my arm last time." "I'm getting too old for this." "Someone ought to teach that pussy cat a lesson!" "Raaawwwrrr!" " Ahh! It's the cat! Everybody hide!" " Ahaha. Gotcha! It's just me, Herman." "I'm home. You can all come out now, it's okay." " Geez Herman, don't scare us like that." " Ya, we really thought you were the beast." "Did you bring food home?" "We're starving!" " Well why don't you....... HUH?!" "What happened to all of our cheese?!" "Where'd it go?" "It's in the barn. But we can't get to it because Curtis will kill us! He's a champ." " That dang cat. He'll no longer be a champ once I'm through with him!" "I'll take that cat where the sun don't shine!" Herman began to torment Curtis the cat with a rude awakening. *** BLAAAASSSSST !!!!!!!*** ....But Curtis eventually caught on. ..."uh-oh. RUN!!" said Herman. Then Herman moved on to Plan B. He was sure this would work. " Silly Cat. Look who's the champion now!" "Way to go Herman!" said Al. "Okay troops let's move out." Herman was on his way, getting rid of the cat. He walked the walk of a champ. Curtis was thinking up a plan to escape. He poked his razor sharp claw into the bag and made a hole. Meanwhile, the mice were working on collecting cheese. "Almost there! I think we got it!" Herman did not realize that Curtis was out of the bag. But the other mice did and quickly retreated to their hole. "That was easy!" "You don't really think you could get rid of me that easy did you?" said Curtis. Herman turned around and zipped Curtis' mouth closed before he got to eat him. "Hey this could work!" said Herman. "Yoo-hoo, Over here pussy cat." " Haha sucker!" "Watch your head! And enjoy a nice spin!" Herman kept the cat busy while the mice went back to rescue the cheese. "It's time to get rid of you once and for all Kitty Cat." "Au revoir!" (....Or not.) Herman was quite satisfied with himself and headed back toward the barn. But he should have watched where he was going. "Yep, that is how you get 'er done. You could learn a lesson or two from me." Herman soon realized he walked right into Curtis and then made a run for it. The mice aborted their mission and headed back to the hole once again. Curtis chased Herman around and around the water well. " You forgot that cats have 9 lives didn't you Herman!" " Well it's a good thing I have 10 tricks up my sleeve Curtis." "Take that Kitty cat!" Curtis ran straight into the bucket and Herman released it into the well. "The weather forecast for today is sunny with a chance of rain." Herman looked down into the well and Curtis was nowhere to be seen. "Where did he go?" thought Herman. "Right here you little rodent!" "Oh no! How did that happen? Put me down!" screamed Herman. Curtis was starving and could not wait to eat up that little mouse. He drenched him in ketchup, added a little mustard, a dash of salt, and a pound of pepper. "ACHEWWW!" "What's that little mouse? You want more pepper?" All the mice were crying as they watched Herman take his last few breaths.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 43 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Brooke Dennill
Director: Brooke Dennill
Views: 105
Posted by: dennillb on Nov 4, 2009

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