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Problemas de Traductores

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We graduated! Class of 2017 3 years later... How have you been? -Good. -Pretty good. Lots of work but everything's good. That's good to hear. This meeting was much needed. -I know. -That's true. Irhi is the only missing, I don't know. Where is she? -I know. -Did she message you? No, she is always late. Hi, good morning! I heard my name, hmm. -How have you been? -Pretty good, thank god. I was just having some trouble parking. You're still having trouble with that? Thank you Gerardo I'm doing alright, thanks. How have you been Irhidian? Pretty good, thank god. I've been all around but everything's good. That's good, how's work? Good, it's just that... Everything happens to me! Seriously, everything! Why? What happend? Tell us. Well, a man came. I've been having trouble charging for my work. I didn't know what prices to establish. A lady came by with three titles for three different cars. I had done a registry before, I mean... I had already done a title translation but I didn't know how much to charge. What I did was ask some friends I made when we graduated. And they gave me some options but I really thought the prices were a bit high. Either way, I set an standard price, then I told that to the client... I told him it was an estimate and he thought it was expensive. He said it was very expensive. I tried giving him a discount but he still said it was expensive. Unfortunately I lost that client and I struggled. I have really struggled, not only with titles... to set a price in general, depending on the document. Actually something similar happened to me, but after that I chose to make a list with all the prices. With that I set a quantity and based on that quantity... everytime they ask for an estimate, I just show it to the client. And then I tell him that based on those prices he will get an estimate for his translation and its price. And I actually feel that it has worked for me. That would have worked for me before, but now I have one too. But in the beggining, because at first I was doing a lot of birth certificate translations. And I was charging too much. Then I think the clients went and looked... for other translators who could do the same job, just as good as mine, but I did manage to recover my clients. What I did was give them a 10% discount. Hey, so what do you think about homologating prices? Do you think it's a good idea? Well yeah, that's a good idea. We should have thought of that before, when we graduated and it would have saved us a lot of trouble. That's true, but we had to learn somehow. You're right. Besides, I don't think we are the only ones with this problem. We should make this bigger, not only between the four of us. We can make a translator's association and that way, we can all share our experiences and learn from them. What do you think, Irhi? What are you doing? -Irhi! -Yes? What do you think? About what? About what Gera said. Oh, fine fine fine... Wait, what are you talking about? About the translator's association. Oh yeah, actually, I had already mentioned this. If I understand correctly, there's already one in Ensenada and they do the same thing. I really liked it because they have a lot of conferences. I believe they have those each month, once a month, or something like that. Either way, we have to get organized and plan all of this. Hey, why don't we post this in our facebook group from college? I think it's still active. Yes, that would be great. Our class could get together and even other classes. You know what? Let me post this right now before I forget. Yes, lets do it right now so it can be done as soon as possible. Okay, I have to leave right now. I have a work appointment. Oh wait, I'll go with you. I have to leave also, I have a lot of work. We are you headed? To the office. But hey, lets not leave this unfinished. Lets follow this through and well... It looks like its going to be a good idea. Lets set a date for it. I'm not sure, each wednesday or tuesday of every month. Because if we do it the first couple of days and then stop, I think it's not gonna be worth it. The best thing is to advertise this at UABC for all the new translators. I don't know, I think the people at Ensenada were doing this for people in 7th semester and ahead. We can start doing this too for 6th, 7th semester... also to have various meetings so they can be more prepared than us. And so they don't have to go through the same thing. Yes, that's fine. Okay, send it to me by message, okay? It's done, I already sent it.

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Problemas sobre costos

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